Our Mission

Tribal Vision Festival is an annual event which aims to bring awareness to global indigenous ceremony, culture & tradition among the backdrop of an awesome community inspired festival. We curate an amazing line up of eclectic musicians and a wide variety of workshops including leading edge sustainable living, well being and creative expression practices. We are a place that all generations can come together to appreciate shared culture, and celebration of life.

We are a grassroots festival run by individuals and groups who give their time, passion, skills, training, and talents to our collective vision. With this foundation, we offer a fertile environment to activate and facilitate change in our local and global communities for the greater good of all.

Our Story

Tribal Vision Festival was first held in Taos New Mexico in 2006 in the deserts of the Mesa. We brought indigenous elders and musicians together to create a multi-cultural event celebrating diversity through prayer, music and ceremony. It happened every 3 years until 2015, at which point we were able to host one every year because of support from the Colorado community, helping to organize and widen our horizons.

We have hosted Elders and indigenous activists since 2006 such as Pat McCabe, Lyla June Johnston, Aumrak Sapper (Mayan Priestess,) Flor de Mayo (13 Grandmothers,) Chief Marvin Swallow, Nandhili, Yamatoh and Grandma Rose Romero (Taos Pueblo.)                 

In the past, our workshops have featured some of the most profound teachers of our time, including Paul Stamets (author of Bestseller Mycelium Running,) "Bioneer" Miguel Santestevan, Astrologist Kaypacha (with the Pele Report,) Lisa Wimberger of The Neurosculpting Institute and Herbalist Brigitte Mars.

We have been blessed with performances by musical artists including SUPAMAN, Elephant Revival, Nahko & The Medicine for the People, Lynx & Janover, Lunar Fire, Xerephine, The Alcapones, and INTUIT.

Taos Story

The following is a brief historical outline and description of the landscape and culture that contributes to the magic of Taos, NM.

Taos, a vastly beautiful high mountain desert town steeped in traditional culture, is the backdrop for our event. This land is traditional stomping grounds for the Mescalero Apache, Taos Pueblo Tiwa and many other tribes.

The Taos Pueblo region’s structures are the oldest buildings in North America which are still inhabited today. This region has been inhabited for over 3000 years and is one of the few pueblos to preserve their mud buildings and culture mostly uninterrupted from the gentrification of the United States.

Since the 1970’s, many communities and temples have settled in and near Taos such as the Hanuman Ashram, the Lamma Foundation, Mosques, Zen Dojos, Lakota Sun Dances and Sweat Lodges, Yogi Bhajan’s Sikh Temple, a Thai Buddhist Monastery, Tibetan Buddhist Stupas, and many other diverse traditions.

This region is known for its sustainability and permaculture technology, including the birth place of Earthships and the first solar radio station. For centuries, artists, poets and farmers have been attracted to Taos for its magnetic charm and enchanting magic.  Taos has been a gathering place for peaceful trade for the Pueblo, Navajo, Apache, and other Native American tribes for thousands of years. There is also rich Hispanic culture known for its Catholic mysticism, as seen in the beautiful adobe Churches and Guadalupe symbolism. Taos is a unique, culturally rich, timeless traditional location. There are also multiple free hot springs in immediate proximity to the festival.