Children learn from what they see. We need to set an example of truth and action.
— Howard Rainer, Taos Pueblo-Creek

Every year we feature Elders from many different cultural and spiritual backgrounds. We host their traditional ceremony and their speakers onstage between our musical acts.  We believe that making indigenous culture and ceremony accessible in a respectful way brings us together as a global community. We have hosted Elders and indigenous activists since 2006 and will continue to bring you the storytellers, wise people, and community leaders that help us remember the past and pave the future.

To schedule your Private Healing Session with any of our Elders please send your request to

Elders 2019 Lineup


Jiiniikwe Medicine Bird, Rapid City SD

Tribal Vision Festival 2019 proudly presents Grandmother Jiiniikwe Medicine Bird, PHD. Our very own fun loving Rockin’ Granny! Jiiniikwe is a Native American Cultural Spiritual Leader, she is also an artist, published writer, research consultant, film actress, professional award winning musician, the lead in her Native American Rock Band, Retired Veteran and Buddhist. She is a proud mom of three. Her son is a Military Officer (soon to retire), PhD in Biology and a daughter daughter is a published author pursuing her MA. Jiiniikwe was taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. She teaches mindfulness and meditation. She dances Traditional Native American, Native Tribal Fusion, Tai Chi Mandala Dance, and Charya Niritya. She is 4th generation descendant of Sitting Bull & Brown Shawl Woman (Iyotanka Tanka) and descendant of (Cetan), (Watakpe Mato), Magpiya, Chief Two Packs, Shoots The Mark from Keeweenaw and Medicine Grandmother's from Gnoozhekaaning. She speaks & sings in Lakota & Anishibabe. Her focus is to heal the oppression & trauma in her community & across the reservation through Cultural & Spiritual practices.

Jiiniikwe will performing dance, native song & rock at the festival as well as playing an integral part in our  opening & closing ceremonies.

Jiiniikwe & Rene are offering a limited number of Private Healing sessions. To schedule your Private Healing Session with her, please send your request to

2015 Bernie Heideman.jpg

Bernie Heideman

Universal Dance of Peace

Bernie has lead  Dance Circles and Song Circles all over the world. He is practiced in many traditions of meditations and has a passion to help others find their voice.

Join Bernie as he leads us through Body Prayer. Singing & Chanting simple phrases in various languages. Dance, Songs & Meditations all invite us to be present,in the moment, generating a powerful force that opens our hearts. If you don’t have a trained singing voice, it won’t matter. Our Singing together is a beautiful and powerful experience. You can see some of Bernies work on youtube by simply searching “bernie heideman dances of universal peace”.

Wonder Bob.jpeg

Wonder Bob, Crestone CO

Wonder Bob, of Slipstream Intelligence.

Bob once had it all, the American Dream, only to tragically losing it all, including 6 family members passing on within a short two year period.

Through many years of extensive training, practice and personal development, Bob has been able to access a deeper space of consciousness and to integrate it into his being. As he considered where this awareness was coming from, and thought about what was it that he was actually accessing, the space between everything revealed itself. Slipstream Intelligence emerged. Tools and techniques came through to facilitate a powerful and rapid unfoldment of awareness.

Our souls have created amazing gifts, talents, and abilities over eons of time. Bob will be sharing his knowledge in his Wonder Dome through his presentation: The Evolution of Dimensional Reality.  While at Tribal Vision Bob will perform on stage sharing his Conscious Music to Expand the Soul; a magical musical performance.

Bob is offering a limited number of Private Healing Session with him, please send your request to

2019 Christinia Eala.jpg

Christinia Eala

Lakota Grandmother, Environmental Activist & Protector of Lakota women & children, Fort Collins CO

Christinia Eala is a Lakota Grandmother and activist for the environment, Water Protector Veteran, and the Founder and Director for Tiyospaye Winyan Maka (Lakota words that translate to "Extended Family of Women of the Earth"), a non-profit organization empowering women to provide sustenance, healing and opportunity for their children and grandchildren.

Join Christinia as believers storytelling.  One story is about "The Beginning Times"...a story that teaches us about “Earth Mother & Sacred Covenants”; and the other is "Lakota Ceremonial Protocol".

Christinia is offering a limited number of  1hr. Private Healing sessions. To schedule your Private Healing Session with Christinia, please send your request to


Dr. Blue

Norman “Dr. Blue” Katz, PhD, Co-Founder of the Erickson Institute for Clinical Hypnosis.

His recent experience includes training hundreds of physicians and healers  in Medical Hypnosis and Meditation Bases skills in the U.S, China, Bali and Guatemala. He practiced as a Clinical Psychologist for more than 30 years, but now does "Shamanic Meditation based Hypnosis". He holds a PhD from Washington University, St. Louis. in Clinical & Experimental Psychology from Washington  University and he interned at the Harvard University Children’s Hospital Clinic. He was an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department and an Associate Clinical Professor in Family Practice & Psychiatry in Medical School. He is a co-director of The 3Sided Whole Festival.**

 Join Dr. Blue at Tribal Vision as he presents: 

A Party for Your Soul: The New Technoshamanism  More information on the workshop on our workshops page.

**DrBlue is the co-director of the infamous 3SidedWhole festival held in the desert outside Santa Fe & Albuquerque. Join him for Coyotes Den, the Trickster Ball; AFall Equinox Celebration. Taking place on the very weekend after Tribal Vision Festival! We invite you all to come on down to continue the tribal celebration. More information at: or Official 3SidedWhole on Facebook!

lightning Boy2.jpg

Lightning Boy Hoop Dancers

Lightning Boy Hoop Dancers will be performing the traditional hoop dance routine that originated in Northern New Mexico and was used as a healing ceremony.

Throughout the routine, the dancers create various formations of life & nature including the butterfly, eagle, basket, ladder of life and Mother Earth. The Foundation was established in honor of Valentino Tzigiwhaeno Rivera (Lightning Boy, April 6, 2008 - May 13, 2016) who lived to dance and heal those around him. Lightning Boy Foundation is an all-tribe inclusive non profit organization that provides traditional hoop dance instruction and other dance programming to youth, ages 2 and up.

The mission of LBF is focused on nurturing and building confidence and integrity through cultural and artistic expression.


LionFire Del Norte

Norse Shaman

LionFire is a Shaman of Norse and Celtic heritage with over 25 years experience as a ceremonial leader, working within a variety of traditions. These include the use of Crystals & Light specializing in Auric Cleansing, Chakra Activations and helping people find their Animal & Dream Vision Totems.

A bridge between generations, orientations and traditions, he is a Reiki Master~Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoko, Tibetan, Raku and Shambala traditions.LionFire's healing work with crystal skulls has given him international recognition as one of the world's major Crystal Skull Keepers.

LionFire works with many indigenous tribal and world spiritual leaders and often serves as a director-guide to sacred sites for Drunvalo Melchizedek and manyMaya Shaman, including AumRak, Tata Pedro Cruz and Hunbatz Men. LionFire has collaborated with many authors and artists including Lunar Fire, Jiiniikwe & Rene, Transition Theater, Elf Arrow, Dr. Blue, ThunderBeat, John Major Jenkins and Jose Arguelles, both on stage and in the studio.

Artist, percussionist, healer and shaman, LionFire currently provides personal treatments (including Crystal Skull sessions) and teaches at LionFire'sShamanic Institute in Cortez, CO, where he is the Keeper of the northern-most, fully dedicated ceremonial Maya Fire Altar.

He holds a double Masters degree in Drawing, Painting, Theater/Dance and has taught at the Colorado Institute of Art and Fort Hays Kansas State University. Some of his most recent teaching experience has included working with the Disabled Community in Special Education, Autism and Mental Health. LionFire is currently finishing his PhD, focusing on Tribal Archeographics and Native American Cosmologies. 

‘Be sure to spend some time with LionFire, his Crystal Skulls and the Great Medicine Drum at Tribal Vision Festival 2019! 

There is so much more to who LionFire is, does and has accomplished. Please learn more about this amazing shaman at: and/or check out Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book: The Serpent of Light.

2019 Lucy McCall.jpg

Lucy McCall

Celtic Priestess

 Lucy McCall in an Herbalist and Astrologist. Lucy teaches Astrology & Herbal Medicine at the University of New Mexico. She studied organic farming & herbs in Scotland, Hawaii, India, Mexico and the U.S. Lucy will be presenting Astrology, Herbal Crafting, leading an Herbal Walk and offering Celtic Prayers at the Sacred Fire.

Lucy McCall began studying astrology 47 years ago with her Aunt Susan Horton. Within the same timeframe, she started working with herbs, natural foods and farming. She had many profound teachers over the years, including herbalist and astrologer Peter Kabaska, who taught her the key to plants and the relationship of plants to the celestial bodies.

2019 Martin Herrera.jpg

Martin Herrera, Chiclayo Peru & Boulder CO

Martin Herrera is a Sacred Fire Keeper and will be bringing with him his associate Fire Tenders. The Sacred Fire will burn from the moment the festival begins until the moment the festival draws to a close.

As in Ancient times, the Sacred Fire serves as both a central spiritual symbol and basic human survival. Prayers are said and offerings are brought to the sacred fire. The Sacred Fire is used as the starter for all other fires in the community. Martin, with the assistance of his Fire Tenders continues this revered and sacred tradition for our Tribal Vision Family, as he has in past years.


Mary Leonard

Munyal Cloud Woman

A Reiki Master, Mary has walked an Earth-Centered path of Shamanic studies for the last 35 years. She has worked with the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe of southwestern Colorado in Vocational Rehabilitation. She lived and taught in an African Tribal College in Uganda, East Africa for 5 years.

Together with her husband, LionFire, she manages LionFire Tours, specializing in travel to Mayaland and the American Southwest. Since 1973, Mary has facilitated and guided tours through Europe and Mexico. She enriches and modifies the ‘usual tourist’ experience through her interests in alternative healing and native medicine teachings. Her broad academic foundation in anthropology and ethnology offers tour participants a unique viewpoint of each culture. Maya tours feature Mayan healing opportunities.

As a medicine Shaman, Mary, Munyal Cloud Woman facilitates programs and services offered at LionFire’s Shamanic Institute, in Cortez, Co.  Mary lives close to the land, uses and teaches the Medicine Wheel Path,provides Oracle readings and promotes natural healing alternatives and experiences.

Contact for Mary, (Munyal, Cloud Woman) is through

2019 Nandhiji Yogi.jpg

Nandhiji Yogi, Los Angeles, CA

Nandhiji Yogi is an artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher- representing the path of the Liberated. Nandhiji will take part in our Opening Sacred Fire Anugraha (Grace) Ceremony, and presenting Siddha Mantra Chant Kirtan as well as two other workshops, Kalangi Kundalini Yoga, and Mastery of Consciousness. Full workshop description available here. He will be offering private Soul Blessing Readings.

Nandhiji envisions a humanity of ‘Consciousness in Action’ and a Planet Earth of Compassion through Yogic wisdom, enterprise and community. He is a Siddha yogi, humanitarian & visionary awakening humanity through mystic wisdom, community and service.

Nandhiji is offering a limited number of Private Soul Blessing Reading sessions. To schedule your Private time with him, please send your request to

“These are moments when the intense enlightened energies of the Sages, as consciousness, reach each of us in ease. My purpose is to be the joyful instrument that can uplift humanity to amazing possibilities of consciousness. Imagine a million Mahatma Gandhis, Rumis and Einsteins! This is a possibility in our times. We are the realities of this consciousness.” – Nandhiji

2019 04 Robintix Perryman.jpg

Robintix, Grand Junction CO

CannaBuddhist Monk.

Robin has chosen his life’s work as a Monk with the purpose of sharing love, respect and forgiveness without judgement. Robin will be leading Reiki OM Group Meditation and Walking Group Meditation.

Robin is offering a limited number of Private Healing sessions including Reiki Om Healing, Vocal Chakra Alignment Healing, and Negative Energy Release. To schedule your Private Healing Session with Robin, please send your request to


Shannon McArthur

Shannon is from BC Canada and comes with stories of the Magic in Ordinary Moments (MOM) that have informed and transformed her life. Honoring her promise to Spirit, since 2015 Shannon has traveled to Europe, Haida Gwaii, Guatemala, and Colorado. This will be her third TVF, thanks to LionFire and Mary Leonard of LionFire’s Shamanic Institute in Cortez, CO. Shannon is deeply grateful and happy for their generosity and friendship.

Shannon reads tarot and teaches QiGong The Beauty Way, a form she designed to weave disciplines of East and West together in a transformative, supportive practice for body, mind and soul. Shannon has walked on fire, been crowned by a Gypsy Priestess and taken part in a global water ceremony at the Peace Palace in Europe. Sometimes she posts videos on YouTube.

Shannon is a member of and helped create the ShamansCamp, July 2019. She can be reached at or


Wambli Rene Mills Walking Eagle Mani, Rapids City SD

Peace Pipe career

Wambli Rene Mills Walking Eagle Mani is a peace proponent, musician, world traveler, Spiritualist, and the best Fry Bread cook this side of the hemisphere! His great joy are his 5 children, his grandchildren & cooking!  

Rene is Shoshone and Lakota; he was raised in Reno Nevada.  He has earned a number of degrees and he has devoted his life’s journey to working toward peace, healing mother earth, practicing star knowledge, traditional Lakota religion, Lakota culture & the Lakota way of life. He has shared his knowledge and healing energy on 7 continents including  Mongolia & Antarctica.

Rene’s current research is in renaming Devils Tower to the original name of Mato Tipila.  He and Jiiniikwe are actively participating in peace actions across the region in preparation for the 2020 Nomadic Peace Caravan. They have had the pleasure to participate in Global Peace Walks in Taos NM and  Boulder CO with the Zen Monk Yamato. 

Rene plays traditional Lakota drum accompanying Jiiniikwe’s dancing & he plays bass in her Native American Rock band.

2019 Abril Mondragon.jpg

Abril Mondragon

Founder of Golden Bear Healing Arts, Taos NM.

Abril Mondragon is the founder of Golden Bear Healing Arts and a local Healing Artist who has been invited to share locally, regionally and internationally with Indigenous Elders and Youth. Abril has learned her craft by the side of the Elder Peoples of Hopi, Lakota, Zapotec, Waitaha/Maori, and 38th generation Doctors of Oriental Medicine.

Join Abril at Tribal Vision 2019 as she guides us through the Medicine Story Circle Ceremony.  Bring your favorite blanket or pillow and don’t forget your water!

Abril is also offering a limited number of Private 40-minute Healing Council Sessions.

To schedule your session with her, please send your request to


Past Years Elders



Global Peace Monk

YAMATO is a Buddhist Monk and Zen Shiatsu Meditation Practitioner. He was the coordinator of the Long Walk for Survival in 1980 and the initiator of the United Nations 50th anniversary Global Peace Walk from New York to San Francisco in 1995. He has worked in the US for over 20 years networking with the indigenous American spiritual leaders and has facilitated meetings between the Hopi representative and His Holiness Dalia Lama. Rev. Yamato has been inspired by his involvement in witnessing the mutual fulfillment of Tibetan and Japanese Buddhist prophecy along with the Hopi prophecy regarding the spiritual reawakening due in these times. He has deep knowledge of eastern cultures and a unique perspective and knowledge of the past two

millenniums history including the overall role of the hemp plant outlawed in Japan since 1945 and previously a mainstay of the traditional economy. He has dedicated his life to the spiritual reawakening necessary for Global Peace Now! For more information on the Global Peace Walk or to join the coordinator' email group list. For more details see the message, Global Peace Walk, Pathway to Global Peace Zone 2020


Tanya Vigil

Aztec Dancer Teacher

Thirty-five years ago traditional Aztec dance captured Tanya’s soul, but her heart belongs to her family and her community. Born in Taos to Manuel and Flossie Ocañas, Tanya traces her lineage back to the plaza of Ranchos de Taos (“ranchos” referring to military outposts dating back to the 1680s) which was completed in 1779. Tanya credits her jazz musician father with teaching her the essence and beauty of music. Both parents fostered a love of the arts. One of Tanya’s earliest memories was seeing her neighbor, the famed Flamenco dancer Maria Benitez (born in Taos), perform at the San Geronimo Lodge.

When Tanya was six, her parents moved the family to California and later to Wisconsin. Living in these places broadened Tanya’s horizons in unforeseen ways. In his job as migrant worker coordinator for the State of Wisconsin, her father ensured that the people were treated with dignity and that their children went to school. Manuel Ocañas’s humanitarian approach, and his belief that activism was a kind of spirituality, led to Tanya’s involvement years later with the United Farm Workers.



Mario is a Taos Native, Sun Dance and Buffalo Dancer. He frequently offers prayers on stage at Tribal Vision in Native tongue and is an honored guest of the Festival.