Musical Performances

Eric Mandala and Zu Zen

★Eric Mandala: Voice, guitars, n'goni, & over 100 instruments

★Zu Zen: Violin, didgeridoo

ERIC MANDALA Producer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Instrument Maker, Visionary, Founder of the band "Mandala" will bring you to another world through ecstatic dance while singing Kirtan. ERIC MANDALA born in Ottawa Canada, Founder of "Mandala World Music" an international ethnic fusion world music group with people from all around the world. He uses traditional influences of music and art to create new and dynamic original material. He has traveled around the world collaborating with 100's of artists under the name Mandala. His focus is to bring sacred styles of art and instrument together for a new fusion in this multi-cultural world.  ERIC MANDALA has played on, produced, and recorded over 15 albums around the world. He has played Festivals around the world in 6 continents: Salvador Brazil Jazz Fest, USA: Burning Man, Earth Dance , Bhakti, Mystic Island Fest, Eclipse Fest, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Tribal Gathering fest, Indidjinus Fest, Tribal Vision Fest, Dragonfly Fest, In the Light Fest, NZ: Luminate Fest, Australia: Kuranda Roots Fest, Solstice Fest, Canada: Space Gathering Fest, Kaleidoscope Gathering Fest, Wiccan Fest, Naturopolis Fest, Y2K-X Live Looping Fest, The Fringe Festival, The Mad River Fest, Sonic Fest, Japan Tsumugi Fest, Kyoto International Fest, One Earth Fest, Yamauto Fest, 7 Colour Fest, THe Eden Festival , Peace Village Fest, Mataharythm Fest, Moon Circle Fest, Antaru Fest, Rakuon Rakujitsu Fest, United Cultures Fest, Earth Day Fest, Tanabe Connection Fest, Universal Language Fest, Live Life Fest, Tribal Revival Fest, C.K.S. Taiwan Lantern Fest, Dan Shui River Fest, Spring Scream Fest, Riverside Fest, Malioboro fair, Arma Museum, Parihaka Festival, Prana Festival, Shivaratri Fest, & Cosmic Convergence to name a few… He has shared the stage with such diverse artists as Shpongle, Micheal Franti ,Ganga Giri, Mamady Keita, EOTO (String Cheese), Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers, Adham Shaikh, Shimshai, Rising Appalachia, Chris Berry, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda, David Starfire, Random Rab, The Human Experience, Phutureprimitive, Kaminanda, Epizo Bangoura, Fantuzzi, Jah Levi, Dachambo, Delhi2Dublin, Androcell, Wild Marmalade & Richard Perry of Arcade Fire to name a few… When performing solo he does live looping & produces Electronica using Ableton Live & plays over 100 ethnic and modern instruments from around the world. He sings in Universal Language mixing ancient tongues and ethnic styles of vocals with modern sound scat poetry. He builds & plays African harps like the Kora & Kamale N’goni. We hope you enjoy listening to the music because they sure love to make it! If you haven't seen this original show yet be sure to catch it as soon as possible!

Ziggy Muzic

 The man, the lover, the ledgend: spencer from england.


Xerephine will captivate you. Using her enchanting harp & bodhran, she will then loop up a storm or bathe you delightful electronic blissful bass. Her voice is like no other. Born and raised in the UK she carries celtic undertones and plays in an array of styles from upbeat ambient dance to entrancing meditative soundscapes. There is always something to dive into. Her potent lyrics unfold like fairytales to reveal messages about life here on earth. Activism and a thirst for healing the earth and its inhabitants weaves its way through her lyrical web and lies at the heart of many of her songs. 

With special guests such as Fiddle player and Violinist Bridget Law from Elephant Revival, Co based Producer Totem and Drummer Gilly Gonzales of Kan'nal, Lunar Fire, INTI & Lil Sumn Sumn she weaves her sound in a slightly unique way each time.


Xerephine has been performing on the Festival Circuit for some years with main stage performances at Arise Festival (CO), Sonic Bloom (CO), Tribal Vision Festival (N.M), Earth Dance Festival (CA),  LoveSeed Festival (CA) and many other stages large and small along the way. She can taper her set to the crowd (more accoustic, folky or electronic based) and has co-hosted musical based workshops with Ayla Nereo, Peter May and opened and /or collaborated with members of Elephant Revival, Rising Appalachia, Katie Gray, The Luminaries and Lunar Fire amongst many others. Xerephine is currently touring around Europe with upcoming shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia) and Reykjavik (Iceland). Her Album "Mass Creation" currently has tracks being re-mixed and released by Russian producer Mindex and is being released under the record label "Time Resonance Music".  

"Xerephine's music is creative and refreshing. Hypnotic songs dipped in magic and steeped in beauty. I love it."
-Kurt Bauman (Sea Stars, Kan'nal and Adam Freeland Live Band)

"Channelling the spirit of the divine feminine in her ritual form, Xerephine offers us a ceremonial celebration shared in her uniquely beautiful modern expression. Through poetic chants, and layered vocal harmonies, she moves audiences to connect deeper to the vulnerable part of the human heart. Her willingness to stand firmly liberated on stage leaves women feeling empowered, and captivates her male counterparts. Xerephine is Goddess reincarnate"

- J. Brave (Luminaries)


Perpetual Illuminosity


Singer songwriter Joshua Faust performs... Acoustic Americana of a new era, poetics from a Renaissance of Myth - weaving a beautiful tapestry of redeemed meaning from the tattered cloth of our Cultural Story.

Inspired by moments of clarity and realization...These songs I sing are ones of Peace and Truth, that glorify Love and the redemption and empowerment of the individual, in harmony with the whole.


Pure serendipity led me to Crestone, Colorado due to the events of the last Tribal Vision festival in Tres Piedres. I stayed there in isolation in the desert of the san luis valley living a simple, devotional, sustainable life for eight months in a small eco village, engaged in a Vision Quest. During my stay I divined, recorded and produced a demo of original material, all powered by a small solar panel. It is encoded with earthly tones that trigger deconditioning, transformation, and realization.


My synchronistic journey has now led me back to this festival, full circle, to offer my gift of this music.





Gaia Experiment


  • to help as many as possible come into more conscious participation of their role as a variable in the Gaia Experiment

  • Bio for newest trax
    The Gaia Experiment is a collective of those who yearn to express themselves musically within a shared consciousness. Gaia desires experiences for our perpetual evolution, and our mission is to collect this living data in the most colorful and open ways our humanity will allow. We have discovered that when we elevate our vibratory states through music, self-expression and love, we alchemize our efforts into a "return to The Garden," a new ancient paradigm of harmony, well-being, and cosmic connectivity.

    Gaia's songs are constantly changing and we are always welcoming new sonic variables with which to mix and meld. Gaia Experiments are set up as improvisational canvases for experimenters to express individuality and unify through collaboration. We look forward to the endlessly shifting results, and never forget that each moment contains its own rhythms, sounds, and messages for our journeying. The path is here and now. Be on it.

    "The Creator first experimented with biological creativity on Earth, which is the physical location with the potential to simultaneously hold nine dimensions in its intelligence. Gaia is the intelligence of Earth, and she is a more powerful being than you can imagine. Notice where the (Cosmic) Party is being held. You are about to find out the purpose of Gaia's magnificent and unlimited creative powers, since she has been chosen as head scientist of the biological laboratory of the Milky Way Galaxy." -The Pleadian Agenda Barbara Hand Clow

    "With such little time left I don't know whether to save or savor the world. And so I choose to follow LOVE." -Lafa Taylor

    This is (y)our band. Just by being incarnate in this laboratory, you are contributing. How far you go with your participation and how you choose to design your unique variable is up to you~~~

Saharah Ezzi


  • SaharA Ezzi Music creating new ways of Music designed to work in harmony with the tones and frequencies of the brain and chakras (energy systems) in the body to refresh your soul and heal your mind, for mind pleasure in the treatment of mental and somatic illnesses, giving out frequencies and Visuals to alleviate stress, boost creativity, cure disease, raise levels of consciousness and enhance sacred powers and illuminate pain, wisdom and harmony.

  • Entheogenik Engineer

    SaharA is a electronic, experimental Audio/ Visual Act from Iran based in London. The haunting vocal talent of Sahara Ezzi has graced the stages of festivals and cultural events around the world from community art shows to the self expressive Burning Man.

    Sahara's electro- avant garde style and visuals captivate and conduct with a new wave of electric energy. Sahara's strength has also given voice to human rights activism of Iran at her BBC Persia, Freedom Of Music event performance. She embraces the ever changing landscape of musical performance art and culture with her ever evolving style.

Fierce Le'fey

Fierce le' Fey is a poetic musical project by Zoë Clare, Owner and Founder of StarWater Magick Productions, Elixir Bar, and Collective.

Long Description


She has always been

Saddle Tramp

Saddle Tramp is an up-and-coming Rock ‘n’ Roll band based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Drawing inspiration from rock, blues, folk, funk, jam, reggae, world music and more, Saddle Tramp synthesizes their diverse musical tastes into catchy, thought-provoking original music that is sure to get you moving. Featuring Delbert Perry Thigpen III on electric guitar/vocals and, Christopher Patchett on bass guitar/vocals, and Forrest Sumruld on drums, Saddle Tramp has been know to occasionally trade instruments or invite other musicians on stage. Most of Saddle Tramp’s music is original tunes written by guitarist Delbert Perry Thigpen III or bassist Chris Patchett, with lyrical content exploring the rambling lifestyle and the plight of the free spirit. Saddle Tramp’s energetic live shows focus on unique, original songs with a light spattering of tasteful, semi-obscure cover tunes that ensure the music lover a memorable sonic voyage and a yearning for more.

Saddle Tramp formed in early 2014 as the brainchild of Delbert Perry Thigpen II, featuring Chris Patchett on Bass and Miles Anderson on drums. They performed their first live show on February 7th , 2014, at the Back Alley Draft House in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. Saddle Tramp embraced the rambling lifestyle so-often a topic of their songs and took a multi-state tour after only two more local performances. During November of 2014, Saddle Tramp’s so-called Rag Tag Tour resulted in 7 impromptu shows in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and California as well as strong encouragement from their audiences to continue making and sharing the music. The band returned to Albuquerque in December of 2014 and has been rocking local audiences ever since. For a while, Striving J Liptak played drums in Anderson's stead, but as of Anderson's 2016 resignation from the band, Saddle Tramp now has Forrest Sumruld on the drums. As of late 2015 and has a blossoming side project called No Man's Band, featuring the original music of Jacob Buckler. Both bands are currently working on debut albums in the studio at Red Gorilla Records. As of July 2016 Saddle Tramp, have performed over 40 live shows in 4 states, sharing the stage with acts including Good Green, Jah Branch, DJ Buno, Sugarfist, Musn'ttouchit, The Pythagorean Theorem, Mountain Head, Fools and Fanatics, Ken Carpenter & The Nailers, The Vassar Bastards, Bliss Bot, and Michael Garfield, to name a few. Saddle Tramp has been a labor of love and a blessing to those involved, providing a cohesive and creative outlet for its members to share their deep love of music with the world. The band will launch with No Man's Band on a 10 day tour of western Colorado in August of 2016, dubbed “Pirates of the Coloradan Tour”with dates in Crestone, Pagosa Springs, and Paonia.


Ramu is a ceremonial and ritual artist who has spent the last 14 years studying music in india and south america he weaves mantra with shamanic electronic music creating a ritual sound and ceremony of song unifying traditions in a electro chant hop sound influenced by the the sacred music of the world.

David DeVine

David DeVine (Davi-D) holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Naropa University, where he focused on music, art, and Buddhism. He is an accomplished drummer, having been featured on seven recorded albums, and a professional DJ who actively plays popular venues. private events, and music festivals. Using diverse musical genres, David translates his conceptual ideas into rhythmic visions as a solo-producer. His style has become more complex over the years adding more dance temple beats with world music influences. In addition to continuing to develop his artistry, David currently works as the Media Manager at Naropa University. He is also passionate about martial arts, which he began practicing at age seven, sustainable living, and the environment. David lives in Boulder, Colorado where he enjoys gardening, cooking and creating art.


  • The audio painting experiments and projects of Geoff Sheets through sound. Ever learning, ever evolving, always ascending.

  • Psyruleus = "Psychedelic Caeruleus" or Psychedelic Sky


the Copper Children

The Copper Children are an indie rock band emerging out of the heart of Denver, Colorado. Their sound is a mix of indie-Americana, intertwined with soul-folk, influenced as much by mountain music as classic rhythm & blues. The band’s expressed musical functions are driven by a contemporary multi-focus genre, in which they challenges conventional thinking and preconceived notions of what soul-folk is, and aims to give an edge to the folk genre with unique instrumentation and songwriting. Through their music, they strive to share their soulful folk tales through heartfelt lyricism combined with raw emotion, all while paying heed to the diversity, peace and sacredness of life, as we know it. Amidst their profound songwriting and melodies, the band has readily established themselves as ‘The Copper Children’ of the Colorado musical forefront.

Sonic Apothecary


Grammy Award Winning, Natural Music Artist Peter May will be bringing his band The Sonic Apothecary and the Music of the Plants, with special guest Xerephine,

Buddha Bomb


Buddha Bomb has devoted the greatest part of his life to elevating consciousness and using music as a transformational conduit to bring healing and joy to thousands. His sets are inspired, seamless and often mystical. A Sonic Shaman he provides the fuel for the dance journey, which can bring you to your deepest depth and your highest height. Whether spinning Ambient, Psytrance, IDM, Old School or his own compositions Buddha Bomb gives it his all. Buddha is formless wherein all possibilities have space to occur. Bomb is Form - action, motion, heat, and beats. Buddha Bomb takes you there.

Ngoni Fola

  • Miles Anderson - N'goni, Drumset, Percussion

    Mitchell Olson - N'goni, Drumset, Percussion

    Will I Am - N'goni

    The Rest of Our Guest Musicians We Regularly Invite to Play with Us - Whatever They Like to Play

Collective of n'goni players and drummers who bring exciting rhythms (traditional African and improvisational) that make you want to dance!

Band Interests

Getting people dancing and singing! We believe the "audience" is just as integral a part of a musical experience; we want you to join in! :)

Bringing music where it is needed most...schools, in the outdoors, the grocery store, old folks homes, on the streets..pretty much everywhere we suppose.

Bringing the wild back into an overly domesticated world.

We hand craft our own n'gonis and have made masks out of the scraps of gourds leftover to wear while we perform. More on this as the performance aspect of our group develops:)

We want to empower people to be creative musically, even those who say they "have no rhythm." One way we do this is by hosting n'goni building workshops where friends have built their own n'gonis.

Being outdoors and on the road, bringing n'goni vibrations as far and wide as we can.

Billy Love


Mose Robert

Much of my time over the last 5 years has been spent in the mystical surroundings of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. It is here through extended silent retreats and intentional gatherings that I have cultivated an offering of music that is for journeying. My intention is to create a space for self discovery and the cultivation of a present minded state which offers new insights and deeper clarity in ones purpose. I keep the beat steady, much like the ancient shamanic drumming/rattles of the past, while incorporating modern production techniques with a focus on organic elements.

the Big Beautiful Band

Fun, Funky, Folk Rock out of Denver, Colorado. An ever evolving group of musicians with the purpose of spreading the good news and bringing a joyful connection through music.


Andy Babb and the Big Beautiful Band is a fun, funky, folk rock project from Denver, CO. Their positive message and conscious lyrics has brought joy to fans at venues big and small from L.A. to Stockholm. Andy Babb's vibrant personality and contagiously bright outlook shines through his songs and performances. His concept for the The Big Beautiful Band is an ever evolving community of musicians, whose focus is to spread good times through good music. Their interactive and inclusive shows will have you singing, dancing, and clapping in no time! Check out their new full length studio album "Strange Existence" at


Monalicious is a medicine woman of music. Writing lyrical grooves that sound good and feel good! She strives to speak truth and free minds. Monalicious is the front lady and writer for Twin Flame Medicine and Flowers Of Mass Production. She is also the founder of FreeMusicForFreePeople!

Adem Joel

Syncro-Mystic elements are what define Adem Joel’s fiery sound. With a passion for channeling step down transmissions from the cosmic center to heart and root alike, this beat guru captivates and transcends the mind and and electrifies the body of his fans through an enchanting mix of organic, bass heavy frequencies.

Garnering attention at an early start, Adem set the tone for Nu-Skool and Tribal Breakbeat style music in New Mexico. At the age of 18 He landed his first residency at Local after hours hot spot Dragons Empire because of how well he held it down with the inner selekta. Night after night Adem captivated his audiences with his funky chunky mixing all the while building up a fierce reputation. In 2003, Family Moons Collective invited Adem to join their Artist Roster and it made such an impact on his career that he started to produce his own music. So far one of his tracks have been released on the Dubanimals label and his new release was featured on the Symbiosis 2013 compilation. Adem is now hosting a monthly called Sounds Like PRIMAL!!! in Santa Fe, NM and is hard at work developing and producing his own style of music.

Lunar Fire

LUNAR FIRE, based in denver colorado, takes audiences to new heights with spectacular dance and musical performances. Pre-Columbian flutes, multilingual vocalists, powerful drummers and a wide range of bass and guitar styles tell stories reflected in dance. Aerialists fly, drop from the sky, crawl into a cocoon and emerge a warrior, a nature spirit, an animal guide. Multiple dancers meld into one multi armed being, circle, battle and burn fire in the form of dreamcatchers, antlers, machetes, staff, torches, ropes, multi poi, fans, fireflies and other surprises. Paintings come to life mysteriously hovering in the air. These mystic images by visionary painters MARTINA HOFFMANN, ROBERT VENOSA, STEVON LUCERO and ADAM FU twist and bend under the movement of dance, a very enchanting and psychedelic visual effect.

LUNAR FIRE COLLECTIVE co-creations involve a multimedia trans-cultural musical spectacle whose aim is to inspire, connect and empower people to create positive change in the world. With a dynamic blend of the arts, Lunar Fire enacts the tales of the ancestors bridging the past and present while foretelling a future in which humankind reaches its fullest potential. In 2012, The Lunar Fire Collective begins production on CORAZON DEL VENADO, a DVD and a live touring spectacle, of which a portion of the proceeds will benefit arts, arts education and sustainability projects by women and indigenous people across the globe.

World class musicians glide smoothly from structured song to improve exploring latin hip-hop, tribal drumming, gypsy rock and epic psychedelic trance jams. Performers glow in handmade indigenous and recycled fabrics from around the world, reconstructed by dancer and designer AKAYATE of Root Structure to embody a visual symbol of solidarity for the uniting of the tribes. Magic and myth-makers ARTSMYTHS create by hand ethereal masks, crowns, as well as elaborate and unique costuming.The theatrical dancers of Lunar Fire build all their own props from fabrics to fire including unique design by MaQi of Syrius Fire. Lunar Fire graphic design by Modo Rodo features inspiring artwork in posters, at shows and on the web. Inspired by personal voyages leading to direct encounters with global music and dance, performances by Lunar Fire pay homage to the ancestors and future generations of urban and ethnic cultures worldwide.

Originating in 2002 as "Fuego Lunar" on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, multiple members of Lunar Fire have toured over a decade together in various projects (INTI, Lil Sum'n Sum'n, Dub'l Dragon, Future Simple Project, Miraja, Kan'Nal, GSP, LYNX) at hundreds of festivals (Burning Man, OCF, Faerieworlds, Symbiosis, Envision Costa Rica, High Sierra, SF Sea of Dreams, Lightening in a Bottle, Tribal Stomp, Tribal Visions, Dreamtime) from eco communities to underground warehouse parties across the U.S. and deep into the jungles of Hawaii, Southeast Asia, Mexico and Central America.



Totem is the solo project of Boulder based producer, Phoenix Clay Michael. Phoenix has been playing eastern-style instrumentation for over a decade(tabla, doumbek, darbuki, didgeridoo, ric, etc), while also exploring digital synthesis and sound design. Totem culminates these two passions into a modern interpretation of ancient instruments. The sampling style is deep and visceral. Blending sequences of thick bass and instrumentation with live production. Live production includes: Didgeridoo, vocals, synth, keyboard, percussion, and bass. Phoenix's debut album with the project is titled, The Bonfire of Life, and was written and Totem/motion of solidarity with the native tribes of North America. Totem sees the immense potency that dance has for healing in our culture, and also sees the reverent nature of ancient and native style music. The ultimate thrill is fusing these two things into a continuous musical experience shared amongst listener and maker. Totem is humbled to bring thy dance medication. Aho


Phoenix Clay Michael Hollingsworth has been interested in sound for his entire life. He began his musical journey long ago, but intentionally almost six year ago in San Marcos, TX where he played in various groups. He started in the singer-songwriter genre inspired by his early influences in funk, classic rock, reggae and funk musics. He was introduced to various style hand percussion such as djembe, doumbek and later tabla. He then joined a belly-dance troop called Hands of Fatima and Shunyata and played at private venues and Renaissance Festivals. Hands of Fatima included three hand percussionist and Phoenix, playing guitar, drums, didge and mandolin. They played traditional style Lebanese, Turkish, Iraqi and middle-eastern music. This style of playing opened Phoenix to a entirely new way of expressing music. He played with HOF for three seasons, and then with a few members joined the group Shunyata, a world-renowned belly-dance troop in Texas. He played InternationalFest and TRF(Texas Ren Faire) with Shunyata as well as other shows. After almost four years of learning traditional beats and melodies from around the eastern hemisphere, Phoenix bowed out of the traditional middle-eastern music to begin his own journey as a solo artist in the fusion genres.

Esme Olivia

Esmé Olivia dances, sings, drums, loops & loves. She uses modern dance, ballet, jazz, & improvisation to tell stories with movement. As a vocalist & musician, she harmonizes, beat-boxes, mixes spirit-speak & poetry, & plays the piano, guitar, hoop drum, kazoo, & operates an RC-505 loop station with hella hallelujah. She sings original lyrics as well as poetry by Frida Kahlo, Rumi, & others.


Esmé grew up in New Mexico & continues to sing on that soil. She studied acting, devising & directing theatre, dance, & poetry at Hampshire College, where she received her BA in 2011.  She was a member of the 2005 National Poetry Slam Championship-Winning Team from Albuquerque. She has lived in Santa Fe, NM, for the past 3 years, working as a teaching artist, Reiki & healing practitioner, & prayerformance artist.


Video of the live looping & drumming prayerformance that Esmé will offer at Tribal Vision Festival:

Transition Theater


 On the wave of the New Conscious Movement in the arts, Transition Theater is quickly becoming a buzz in Denver's contemporary art scene. Merging live original music and interpretive dancers with morphing digital imagery, a Transitional Theater experience is sensually inspirational.
Founded in 2014 by Maxwellvision and Haggai Vardi, this talented group of artists, dancers and musicians are attracting a diverse audience who seek an alternative to mainstream productions.
Praised for originality and vision. Maxwell says, “It is a conscious effort on our part to explore, interpret and deliver themes that not only enhance our audience's spiritual awareness but that of our own as well”.
Life is a play. You and I and all of us are in Transition, Transition is Evolution.

Wei - Chi Field

The name Wei Chi Field is derived from the term Wei Qi, translating to "protective energy". Your Qi is your life force and there is no better way to circulate it and share it than through movement. Wei Chi Field aims to make one aware of their energy field through raising the vibration of the listener with intentional sonic frequencies.

Wei Chi Field is foremost an expression of family. With being a family comes raw expression and layers being stripped away until only the light remains. Wei- Chi Field acts as a pathway from one dimension to the next, accentuating the ebb and flow of the natural progression of things. Much of the works are a channeled alchemy of produced electronic and organic instrumental and vocal elements. Many of the sounds are taken directly from nature, then transformed into the fluvial beats to which we all move our feet. .

Dan Yolles, composer and guitar player, actively communes with the octaves creating otherwordly, yet still multi-cultural blueprints for the other members of the project to co-create with. The classically trained, Samuel Wexler, strings it all together with the beautiful resonance of his violin, and extension of his soul and an expression of the purity of sound. Wei Chi's very own percussionists, Benjamin Sunshine and Shane Egan create the rhythmic skeleton of the ensemble, accentuating the intricate electronic melodies with both ancient and modern tribal beats. Their sounds stimulate the body and plant the roots of the project in the present moment.

Wei Chi Field strives tune into the present moment and help hold you there by presenting your mind with resonant harmonies and intricate composition, and your body with deep bass and rhythyms to move to, facilitating your connection to the ever growing Wei Chi Field.

Quantum Beings of the Miraculous


Based out of Denver, Colorado, QUANTUM BEINGS OF THE MIRACULOUS pursue a transcendental path towards music and performance art. Blending world-fusion with cosmic jazz, trip-hop, and electronica, chanting and ethereal vocals are accompanied by heavy, down-tempo trance grooves, deep bass, and tribal instruments for a unique sonic alchemy. Live performances further add global dance and psychedelic visuals to create a hypnotic, mind-expanding performance art experience that transports the audience to a different place and time…


Flow Folk: gifted from the present moments magically soaked source, together we connect to invoke a provoked force. where no two moments are the same.

Julian Pearl

Lady Love


Lady Love is a Performance Healing Artist, Playshop Facilitator, and Body worker who lives to learn, play, joyfully connect, express and empower. Engaged with grace in the main practices of Laughing, Singing, Dancing, and the Healing Arts, she is in sacred silly service to remind us of our integrity and ability for self mastery. The experiences and activities associated with her private sessions, playshops and retreats help to catalyze emotional, energetic, and expressive alchemy, bringing us deeper into the reverence, development, and knowing of self.