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Hello Tribal Vision Family

This years TVF is going to be an epic one, in order to keep everyone happy and safe we must meet the following guidelines. Please read below what to expect and how best to prepare yourself for our new shaded location!

First things first:

  •  NO WALKING ON HWY-68 AND STATE RD 75.- Due to strict regulations the NM Department Of Transportation as well as the local authorities have made it very clear that they will not tolerate this activity. This years venue has been split into multiple locations, we will be providing a shuttle service and all other necessary information about this will be located at the frontgate.  PLEASE NOTE a day pack will be essential to being prepared, as where you are camped and where you may be going could be a bus ride away courtesy of Big River Raft Trips.  

  • Water bottles & Cutlery - We will have hydration stations to fill up those water bottles and food vendors to help feed hungry bellies but we ask that you be a superhero and bring your own personal cutlery, plates and water bottles etc.., even for the vendors, decline disposable! It’s so easy. .

  • There will be NO ICE for sale at the venue but there are places close by to purchase. Taos, Espanola and Dixon all have ice vending machines.  

  • PHONE SERVICE, CHARGE STATIONS & WIFI -  The phone service is pretty spotty some get service and some do not, there is currently NO charge station and we are working on making WIFI a possibility

  •  NO Personal CAMPFIRES - we will have our sacred fire located by the main stage, this is the only fire approved by the county, please plan to cook with propane stoves.

  •  DOGS  and other pets -  are absolutely NOT allowed. Legally we cannot restrict qualified service animals. New Mexico service animal law specifically excludes emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy animals, which are defined as animals that accompany people with disabilities, but do not perform work or tasks for them and do not accompany them at all times. If your pet does not meet legal standards, leave them with a beloved human back home, we will turn you away

  • NO BAREFEET… wait … what... Why?… Our crew has been working hard preparing the grounds to make it as safe and comfortable as possible but due to years of neglect there is still quite a bit of broken glass, as well as cacti and other pokey vegetation. We care about your feet and ask that you please wear shoes.

  •  No Trespassing Signs - This year’s venue borders other people’s private property who have continued to express concern about our gathering.  Please be respectful, remain on the property grounds and adhere to NO TRESPASSING signs. 

  • Current Weather Conditions -  It has been mostly warm with the day time temperatures fit for summertime wears. However, there are sporadic light rain showers in the afternoon and occasional gusty winds. Night time temperatures can be a bit chilly at times and warm others. We suggest a tarp for your tent, and other personal items that will keep you dry, cozy and warm. Please check the local weather forecast for further preparation.

Last but not least:


  • 1 day pass = $55, standard parking rates apply

  • Taos/Espanola with proof of residency & ID = $42, standard parking rates apply

  • Dixon/Embudo residents and Taos/Espanola residents with proof of section 8 housing or proof of Food stamps + ID= $20, flat rate parking $5