tribal vision 2016 workshops


Carrie Luna Collins (Aka Luna): feels called to help others awaken to their true potential and reunite with their primal nature through yoga, dance, song and ceremony. 

A long-time student of yoga, dance, healing arts Native American and Shamanic teachings, Luna has combined her many passions to offer Primal Fusion Flow yoga classes, transformational workshops, Dance Meditation Technique, and Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Trainings at OneTribe Yoga Shala in beautiful Brooklyn, Michigan and soon, in sacred and inspiring destinations around the world. Luna's favorite mantra is "may all beings be happy and free". 

~ Primal Fusion Flow Class:  A raw, HEART opening, grounding, & energizing fusion of FUTURE-ANCIENT techniques & REMEMBRANCE. Pranayama, sound & powerful sacred postures deepen roots, ACTIVATE Kundalini Shakti, AWAKEN sacred memory & draw us back to a PRIMAL STATE of CONNECTION with our SOUL. Together, we become ONE through invoking our true identity which is LOVE & LIGHT. 

Abby Dawson: is a certified yoga teacher who thrives on bringing creativity into all facets of life, forming deep community, and spreading self empowerment. Her yoga is energizing yet grounding, intentional, and may cause a shift in perspective. She approaches alignment in a heart-centered way and is an avid lover of arm balances and inversions. She is a student of sound healing, Native American teachings, Dance Meditation Technique and meditation.

Phil Dawson Jr. : has a passion for living life to the fullest and encouraging others to do the same. He strives to find joy and love in every present moment. Phil is a student of many teachings including yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki, meditation, holistic nutrition, as well as Native American, Shamanic, and Mother Nature herself's teachings. He uses these teachings as tools to bring intentional, heart centered experiences to humanity in an effort to bring people together, with love as one, with all life. 

~ IN LAK’ECH- "A Soul Connection Partner Yoga Flow":

Yoga with a partner, friend or future friend. A heart-centered practice which offers an opportunity to connect with the soul of another. Participants are guided through a chakra aligning meditation, partner stretches, trust building poses and a heart healing mantra. These ancient techniques create a safe container which offers the chance to remember the power of true human interaction from an open, trusting and intentional place of light  and reflection. -*55 Minutes. Join us with a soulmate, or friend...or show up & connect with someone new! 

The Mayan expression for human being is "huinik’lil", or “vibrant being.” In this regard, we are all part of the same universal vibration. In Lak'ech essentially means "I am another you."


Meera Hoffman, MBA, LMT, RYI

Meera’s life is deeply integrated in the vast realm of healing arts.  Combining knowledge and personal experience with sacred Eastern and Western healing lineages, Meera artfully synthesizes profound offerings.  She draws from her rich background including a bachelor's degree in neuro science, living at an ashram in India, and serving as a licensed massage therapist & yoga instructor for over 10 years.  Meera has led countless workshops on natural health and wellness; where she fosters a welcoming, nurturing, and nourishing environment.  She invites community members of all experience levels to partake in her offerings. 

~ Sacred Thai Yoga Massage class :  Experience bliss through bodywork; explore the profound beauty and sacred healing power of Thai Yoga Massage.  Participants will be guided through a sequence of techniques perfect for releasing tension, alleviating pain, and rejuvenating the body.  No prior experience necessary. Bring a partner, or show up solo and make a friend in class. Please bring a blanket or something soft to lay on. Each day will focus on unique techniques, and can be taken together or individually. Supine Sequence (Day 1), Prone Sequence (Day 2).

Amber Tang

~ Yogic Artistry:  This class teaches us how to nourish our highest self by tuning into our bodies' natural rhythms.  Using organic movement to flow between grounded yoga poses, we also create a fun and fluid dance sequence.  This combination cultivates free and playful self expression, both on and off the mat.  

~ Cacao Dance Journey:  This ceremony infuses the spirit of cacao with dance and music.  We prepare the medicine together, each putting in our personal intentions with love and song.  As the cacao begins to transform from its raw state to liquid form, we mirror its transformation through an ecstatic dance journey.

Emily Marantz

~ Co-creating Our Nest workshop: We will be co-creating a humyn nest; with nearby: faeries, Willow, Stone people, Mud (cob), heart-dance and heart-songs. We will explore what makes us feel at "Home" (safe, cozy, held) on Earth...through guided meditation, coloring, inspired dancing, and physical weaving of the willow, placing of the stones, and stomping of the mud. Together we will create our humyn nest, altar, fireplace, and nest boundaries. Come collaborate, come celebrate the making of our co-creative world, with all the elements we are made of and surrounded by and continually transmuting with! Let's marvel at and learn from the brilliance (some call it the "design") of Our Beloved Nature.


Lionfire - Crystal skull keeper, Maya Solar Initiate, Priest of IX CHEL,

~ PRINCIPLES OF SHAMANISM class:  The origins of shamanism go back at least 40,000-50,000 years and on into ancient Stone Age times. It is the oldest spiritual path. All of us have evolved from shamanic cultures. Shamanism is not imported, it is our roots, wherever we came from. Shamanism is not a belief system. It is a path to knowledge which is gained through experiencing the many facets of life, through healing treatments, ritual, ceremonies, prayer, contemplation/meditation, trials and tests.

There is evidence of shamanic practices all over the world as far back as the Paleolithic period. Ancient cave drawings show us that all indigenous people shared a similar cosmology; an understanding of how the universe works. Today shamanism survives in less ‘developed’ regions in spite of the relentless onslaught of scientific materialism and the male-dominated ‘allopathic’ religions. Now, as the unsustainable nature of our current civilization is becoming obvious, more and more people are turning to the wisdom of the ancient cultures for help and guidance in finding a way back to a balance with nature, with Planet Earth and with themselves.

King Jucifer Firewalker

King Jucifer Firewalker is a man of many talents. From energetic work through the fields of reiki and matrix energetics all the way to artistic design through fire and wire, he is as multi faceted as the gemstones he trades.  Being a spiritual scientist for 9 years now, he has amassed knowledge in hundreds of different aspects of the world of new age informations. The space he holds is warm and the air he brings is crisp, so make sure to take some time and interact with him if you see him walking down your path... You will not regret it!

~ The world of contact: dancing with a staff

Dancing is a form that we seem to enjoy when we have a partner. Staff is a beautiful partner because of its rigidity and ease of conjoining with the ramps of your body.  This class will bring the two sides of this wonderful coin together as we open your mind to the concepts of Ramps of the body, the footwork to blend these ramps together and finally the flow of the wobble of the staff that allows to connect it all together into a fluidity of dance that will let your soul play with a prop in a whole new manner!!!

~ The world of contact: dancing with poi

description coming soon!

~ Convergence of soul: the creation of a new dominion

Duality is no longer holding us back from being our truest selves and it is time to place both sides of our energy to good use! The illusions of reality are crumbling at a quicker and quicker rate and the truth of our reality is coming into focus.  The waves of this crumbling can be stifling to our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies, and yet we have the ability to stabilize that energy as well. In this class you will take away good exercises for balance of your overall energetics as well as a new lens of perspective towards the way we view negative energies and the simple brain tricks used to turn that overwhelming energy of emotions into potent creation juices!!


Onamare Heart, aka “OnaRay” lives life as an empowered sexual female and lover of life.  She is dedicated to elevating planetary consciousness, building a community conscious global Network and authentic wild integrated living with purpose. She teaches with the heart and passion for life. For over 10 years, she has worked as wholistic registered dietitian and healthy eating chef, lifestyle and intimacy coach, movement teacher and transformational learning educator teaching about authentic intimacy, consciousness studies, living with purpose and passion, and sacred connections.  As an Integrative restorative body worker, circus performer, yoga lover and teacher, acrobatic enthusiast, fertility awareness educator in women’s health, Tantra educator and permaculture design consultant, this powerful expression of light and love guides other to the depths of their true ecstatic self that bridges the union sexuality with the Earth Erotic Intelligence. OnaRay loves and lives life lessons with a wild, nomadic approach, embracing all of the richness of the human experience!

~ Contact Flow : "Exploring Creative ways to freely Move and Connect with your Body and Others!"

This workshop explores different forms of movement and dance that is invigorating, allowing the free flow of the body to move with ease.  Learning how to connect with the breath, the body, and letting the body talk is both an art and a healing practice. 

This workshop will expand on different ideas and concepts to help individuals connect deeper with their body as a tool of both connection and artful play.  Come move the body and feel more alive and connected to self and others!


~ the Path of Tantra and Conscious sexuality:

Tantra is becoming a popular word, a word used for many reason and in many ways to express anew awareness with sexuality and life.... Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means "woven together" and has undergone many different interpretations throughout time. For the Hindu and Buddhist often explore Tantra as as system weaving together the physical and the spiritual: weaving man to woman, and humanity to the divine. In the west, often tantra has been associated with better sex or how to get more sex, but currently perception is shifting into a more profound awareness of how Tantra is a path to love and freedom.

This workshop will be part lecture exploring what different meanings and values are associated with tantra and how conscious sexuality is shifting this paradigm of relationships. There will be a few simple exercises to experiences the art of tantra. This workshop is an open container where everyone is welcome. Some of the language and content maybe be recommended for 18 and over audience or parents discretion. I an invite you to come with and open heart and willing soul!

Michael Heartsong and Joy

Michael Heartsong is a shamanic practitioner living in Denver, CO., facilitating group and private healing sessions as well as teaching bird medicine and sound healing workshops. He is initiated into Siberian and Navajo lineages of shamanism. for more information visit

 Joy has the ability to communicate emotion through various soundscapes from playful, primordial, to ethereal. She facilitates private and group sound sessions working with several instruments, many of which utilize A=432hz tuning. For more information visit


~ Journey into Sound:

Journey into sound in this intentional ceremony with Michael Heartsong and Joy. Take flight with the mystical combination of the handpan, didgeridoo, drums, rattles, and vocal toning. This unique sound is multidimensional, resonating with energies of the earth and cosmos and a balance of masculine and feminine. Harmonize with the frequencies of A432, known for its reflection of universal patterns found throughout nature. Michael and Joy will create a sonic landscape to encourage deep relaxation.


~ Intro to Bird Shamanism (workshop):

Birds are all around us even in the cities and they form an interconnected web that can be easily tapped into anywhere you go. Join us for a discussion on Bird Shamanism and how it can become a powerful part of your everyday life. Nearly (if not all) shamanic cultures have a strong alliance with the bird nation, for good reason. If you are new to working with bird energies this will be a perfect introduction and provides a foundation for deepening studies with the Feather Way. If you are experienced at working with feathers, the Feather Way will give you some specific tools and protocols to use as a foundation for developing your own connection with these amazing energies. This is an interactive workshop, guided by the audience. Facilitated by Michael Heartsong.

Little Red Hawk

A Speaker, Teacher and Healer, Little Red Hawk is well experienced with shamanic arts, various healing modalities and esoteric teachings for 29+ years. His studies have brought him all over the world from the Yucatan to Egypt where he learned various shamanic healing modalities and amazing esoteric information. He is certified in Reconnective Healing Levels I and II and "The Reconnection" Level III – which is an amazing, new quantum DNA healing modality.


His flagship workshop "BE Sovereign NOW" is a three hour intensive journey into personal sovereignty – the end of co-dependency!  Part of this workshop teaches how to develop mental stillness & inner peace, how to manifest via heart-mind connection, and even awaken to your very own purpose in life.  He has identified the suppression of the Divine Feminine throughout history and helps others to see the value of honoring the Inner Goddess in all women and our need as an awakening collective, to understand, appreciate and reawaken the Divine Feminine that has been asleep in the human consciousness for far too long. 


Entertain, Educate & Empower!


~ Planetary Consciousness Update & Open Discussion: Why our internal polarity balance is Most Critical NOW!

Where are we now? What is going on with our individual and planetary consciousness? Who are we? What is Most important NOW?
• Ego=limited perspective of who we are VS. who we Really are…
• The Divine Marriage = union of polar opposites within
• Heart center inspiration VS. Ego/mind/desires inspiration
• Highest thoughts and imagination VS. SURRENDER
Group Intention: We will see ourselves in a more empowered way, with practical tools to use in everyday life, as we balance out our earth walk.
Educate – Entertain – Empower!!!

~ Toning Words of Power & Praise:

Learn how to ‘Tone’; which is vibrating your voice in a certain, powerful manor, thus exciting the very electrons all around you. Learn powerful words & phrases from Sanskrit, Mayan, Hebrew, & Egyptian languages. Angels! Archetypes! Powerful ¬- Uplifting – Fun! Truly an art worth practicing and mastering.

~ Be Sovereign NOW! : (this is my ‘flagship’ workshop!!!)

Welcome to a most wonderful journey of discovering yourself and the incredible potentials that lie within us all. This three hour journey will require courage to allow the Self to experience the grandness of our potential and being. This event combines over 23 years of research & personal experience that can assist in living our highest potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!
In this class you will learn:
 How to develop inner stillness & peace
 A better understanding of your mind and your “heart-mind”
 Universal Laws of Manifestation
 Unify polar opposites—reconcile paradox— the “Divine Marriage”
 Awaken to your purpose
 Attract more money
 Improve relationships
 Individual Sovereignty aka Enlightenment, a new beginning
(Bring a notebook, this is a LOT of information
**3 Hours**

Joseph Elliot

of "born to hug"

Joseph F. Elliott realized authentic connection and relation to others is a foundational issue in today's total culture. He was led to connecting through HUGS, this has taken him on a journey of relating and connecting with others and himself. Holding space for people to release emotions and patterns as he himself released emotions and patterns walking the spiral path through opening his arms and his heart to all those that he has interacted with. Or something like that

~ The Tao of Hug:

We will dive into the fractal of applying ones self to the infinite possibilities of this universe through the direct applications of HUGS as a primary communication. opening ourselves up to the space - time continuum beyond words where emotions are felt and transferred as we dive into this starting with the neural biology, as it interacts with our endocrine system and transferring into the chakra system and then into the creative flow of Pranic energy through the human body while opening up our hearts and creating a sacred space within ourselves to allow ourselves a safe place to operate from and to assimilate and process stagnant energy emotions.

David Michael StarBear

~ Kwantum Shamanic Sonic Journeys: gong drum and multi instrumental

Developed thru a lifetime of deep sonic study and global travel, David Starbear musically guides and co-creates transformation and dimensional facilitation thru multi- instrumental mastery that takes journeyers into the infinite spaces between.
(2 classes offered)

Benton Brown

Rainbow Lightning's very own hoop instructor and creator! Benton 'Lyon' Brown has been hooping and making hoops for five years. He offers workshops for both children and adults where he shares his greatest passion, flow art movement! He feels his true purpose in life is to spread the joy and healing he has found through dance, hoops and play! He strives to see all people move creatively and feel the love in dance!

~ Drop in drop out get down:

focus on ground hooping and transitions from body to ground and ground to body. Intermediate to advanced.

~ Let It Fly:

focus on different types of tosses and hand offs. Intermediate to advanced

Julian Pearl Herlily

~ Zero Waste Lifestyle:

Sustainability practices at home and how to have zero waist lifestyle : how to have practical sustainability in your house everyday and not create excess waist in everyday life eco b ricks, plastic awareness ,self sustaining practices to help the enverioment

Christian "Love'' Belanger

~ Self-Realization:

Well cover Buhhdist and Hindu cosmologies, consciousness, sacred geometry/light/sound, crystal and healing metaphysics, and multi-dimensional being. I start the workshop with what the attendees want to cover first and eventually bring everything I stated above full circle for the Self realization.



For bio please see Elders Area.

~ Mastery of Consciousness Workshop -


The ultimate gift of a life time for a human is attainment of consciousness. In the attainment of consciousness, we determine the magnificence of realities for ourselves and of uplift humanity through our vibrations. Nandhiji shares stories and imparts several life changing tips from the 108 Consciousness Sutras of his book, Mastery of Consciousness that awaken each to be the Guru, the Master. Nandhiji will teach techniques of empowerment such as the art of manifesting on writing our daily work, attaining the 'flow' of creativity etc- as practical tips to unfold the genius of doings. 


“These are moments when the intense enlightened energies of the Sages, as consciousness, reach each of us in ease. My purpose is to be the joyful instrument that can uplift humanity to amazing possibilities of consciousness. Imagine a million Mahatma Gandhis, Rumis and Einsteins! This is a possibility in our times. We are the realities of this consciousness.” – Nandhiji


 ~ Kalangi Kundalini Yoga -

Nandhiji imparts the teachings of the mystic yogis, the Siddhas through yoga for each to be the Yogi. Kalangi Kundalini Yoga is a map to higher consciousness that awakens us to be the Yogi to break free of the limits of body, mind and circumstances. "Kalangi" means- wearing time as clothes, ie, to define time from our timelessness. Kundalini is states of consciousness to ride on. Nandhiji will at first narrate 12 secrets within "yoga" that he will then, through simple but potent asanas, convey the teachings through experience. This yoga teaching is unique as Nandhiji describes his teaching as the 'software of yoga' that empowers each to enhance thier yoga practice and awaken the immense powers within each.

Rachel Morrison

Philanthropic Futurist/ Evolutionary Architect

With her background in international business and marketing and through her dedication working at one of the leading teaching and demonstration sites that bring solution oriented practical technologies to focus, Rachel Morrison has constructed teams around the world that bring the possibility of inspired social impact into grounded motivated action. Rachel connects this expanding collective of thought leaders, artists, organizations, movements, and technologies together to create generative opportunities that unify authentic efforts and bring something to the planet that is larger than any individual part could ever be by itself. This practice is exemplified by the amazing projects, events and movements Rachel has been invited to participate in as either a founding member or active council. From high level productions to meaningful philanthropic ventures, the main focus for Rachel has been creating with leadership principles of integrity, passion and large-vision intelligence.

~ How to Feed The World: Workshop

Aaron Jerad


My permaculture design studies began in N.S.W. Australia under the instruction of Geoff Lawton from whom I received a Permaculture Designer Certificate, Aid Workers Training and Teachers Certificate. Since 2009 I have taught andpracticed permaculture all over the world. Like a giant tool box, permaculture is filled with an ever-growing collection of techniques and strategies. Ancient wisdom, modern science/technology and common sense all offer useful collections of knowledge. Permaculture integrates these diverse elements and helps us to select the most appropriate action for each different situation and location.  I use permaculture design to consult and plan (and in certain cases install) personal gardens, edible landscaping, sustainable farms, and community projects.


~ Edible Landscaping and Forest Gardening in the High Desert Steppes -

Direct seeding is best in the fall or early spring as soon as the ground thaws. Transplanting can be done in the fall or early spring as well, however coniferous trees and some deciduous trees and shrubs like lavender, and hazelnut require winter water and are prone to failure if planted in the fall and left without water.

~ PErmiculture Round Table Discussion -

A question and answer discussion lead by Aaron.


Tribal Vision SEPTEMBER 13 -15, 2019 Taos N.M.