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why live in and by boxes and squares. Cycles of the sun and moon are not square, and so this ingenious new calendar design uses a spiral sequence to plan out the days of the 13 moons. calendars can be individually designed upon order to suit your business or desire. Just send us 13 high resolution photo's and how many calendars you would like and we can send you your very own unique calendars to sell, gift or otherwise promote your cause/theme/business. We recently printed 20 calendars for lunar fire and they sold out in 2 days ! watch this space for our new spiral moon calendar website and for now use the contact page to connect about this exciting new creation. 

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The new and full Moons of 2018, Mountain standard Time

January 1 there is a full Moon at 12° Cancer at 7:24 PM .MST.The Sun is in the opposite sigh of Caricorn.The Moon is close to the star Betelgeuse. In Jyotish, the star is Ardra. When the Moon is near Betelgeuse,it is a time of storms.The weather could be stormy , and we do want snow, or it could be the storm of our emotions .The next two weeks should reflect this classic energy of Betelgeuse.Tthe aspects are that the Moon trines with Neptune in Pisces and trines with Mars and Scorpio creating a grand water trine.This water trine should be bringing water and hopefully, here in these Rocky Mountains. People will reflect strong emotions.The Sun conjuncts Venus,and sextiles Neptune.This brings in a very sweet loving romantic energy.


January 16 has a new moon at 26° Capricorn at 11 30 pm MST This new Moon conjuncts Venus and sextiles Mars in Scorpio and this configuration presicely squares Uranus in Aries. the Moon mansion is one of sidereal Saggitarius,and in Jyotish new Moon is close to Uttara Shada. This should be a very active two weeks. Moon mansion tends to be very productive and goes forward powerfully .This new moon conjuncting Venus makes the new Moon even more where romantic relationships are expanded .Also,the New Moon sextiles Mars bringing a very creative energybetween the male and female energy.With this aspect squaring Uranus,it is a time time of revolution and change.People will be taking to the streets as they have been during these powerful transits .


January 31 full blue super Moon Eclipse conjuncting the head of Hydra constellation at 11.7 Leo 6:27 AM MST A blue moon is a moon that has been full twice in a month or sign. A sequenceof blue moons occur around every 2 ½ years .A Super Moon is when the moon is very close to the Earth very large and very much effects the waters tides , and many feel the waters of ourselves so this Hydra constellation is when its in Jyotish ,,Ashlesha, brings about the intense possibility of enlightenment and or the downside is jealousy and rivalry.We can just work and hope for the enlightenment part,amidst the holograph of life.


2Spiral Moon Calendar 2018 feb .jpg

February 15 is the day after Valentine’s Day as well as Ash Wednesday.On this day,2 :05 pm mst there is a new Moon solar eclipse at 27° Aquarius.This eclipse resides in the Moon mansion constellation of Delphini,or in Jyotish Danistha. This is a solar eclipse that is opposite the eclipse of August 2017. Many feel that the things that were initiated in August 2017 are going to continue. The Moon conjuncts Mercury and squares a Mars Jupiter conjunction. There could be great lively,intense conversations with each side of a conversation an argument. We will have to work hard to behave well.The Moon mansion has a symbol of the drum and we would do well to beat the drum during this relatively stressful two-week time.



3Spiral Moon Calendar 2018 march .jpg

March 1 There is a full blue Moon with the Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo at 11degrees at 5:51 PM. The Moon resides in the Moon mansion of Siderial Leo. In Jyotish , the Moon is in Purva Phalguni. This is a Moon mansion of relationships. There is a Venus trining Jupiter which can really help make relationships happen in a fine way. We have a Sun conjunct Neptune,an aspect that has the tendency to help us be somewhat deluded by what is in front of us.The Moon trining Saturn gives us some real, practical, solid, feet on the ground activities.




March 17 New Moon 26° Pisces at 7:12 AM the constellation Pegasus ,at the tail,is with the New Moon,and in Jyotish called Purva Bhadra. The Moon trines Jupiter and is inconjunct Uranus. Overall this is a flirtatious Moon trining Jupiter bringing about an expansive way for us. Its St. Patrick’s Day a day of celebration .People will enjoy celebrating this day .We may find ourselves feeling kind of fickle .Overall, there should be some positive things in the works


Mercury goes retrograde March 22


March 31 blue full Moon at 10° Libra,Sun at10 degrees Aries, 5:37 AM this full moon is sitting between good Friday and Easter and it is also Passover this year .It squares Saturn which makes us feel pretty serious the next couple of weeks.It is good for us getting our work done and being very very disciplined iThe full Moon sits the constellation Corvus,or in Jyotish,Hasta.Its a time of wisdom and generosity.


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April 15 new moon 26° Aries conjunct Uranus square Mars the new moon is in the constellation of the twin stars of the horse .In Jyotish the horse head is called Aswini. Mercury goes direct. Everyone is going to want to hurry up and go and do whatever. Very radical energy is a broad,within and around us and it’s best for us not to go too fast. Mars squares Uranus and Mercury going direct close to the constellation of the fast-moving horsemeans accidents are very likely .In general ,there is radical behavior . Take it slow and we will all get a whole lot of workdone.


April 29 Full Moon 9 degrees Scorpio, and Sun 9degrees Taurus.Moon 6:58 pm is in the mansion of Arcturus in Jyotish,this is Swati. This is a moon mansion of intelligence, study ,compassion.Thde full moon is well aspected to Saturn.There is a Saturn trining theSun and Saturn sextile the Moon. This is a great time to get lots of knowledge.Completed books, finished essays,gardens planted. There is discipline and work in the air and, now is the time to partake.

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May 15 new moon 24° Taurus at 5:48 AM MST this new Moon Conjuncts the constellation of Pleiades. In Jyotish it is Krittika. The new Moon inconjunct Venus there is an adjustment with love The new moon near the Pleiades, it is a time to cut through things that are not appropriate to your life anymore so it is a great time to let go and start again;The new Moon trining Pluto reveals mysteries.


On May 18 Uranus goes into Taurus for seven years Uranus is bringing about radical change in the most steady ,solid ,normal, parts of life.The world will receive now a different energys with farming housing love family



May 29 the full moon is at 8° degrees Sun in Gemini and 8 degrees Moon in Sagittarius sitting within the constellation of Centaurus, in Jyotish,this constellation is called Anuradha. This is a very pleasant placement of the Moon .A Moon of travel and friendliness reaching out to family and friends. The Sun inconjuncst Saturn so amidst all the fun in visiting, we must get our work done, as Saturn always requires.

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June 13 new Moon 22° Gemini 1:43 pm conjuncts the constellation of Orion, in Jyotish,this is Mrgasirsa, a very happy go lucky placement of the Moon brings happiness, sharing, gregarious behavior, running like a deer, general joy and happiness.On this same day, Mercury sextiles Uranus, bringing about wonderful new ideas and the ability to write it all down and share these thoughts.


June 27 full Moon 6 degrees Capricorn,the Sun 6 degrees Cancer is at 10:53 pm. This Moon conjuncts the galactic heart of our solar system. In Jyotish,it is the Mula. Saturn conjuncting this point does not generally make for a very easy month. Symbolically, it’s like the mother and the father are at odds, and there is way too much work to do but that is the best thing to do, with such an aspect is just work.


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The new and full Moons of 2018, Mountain standard Time

July 12 New Moon solar eclipse 20 degrees Cancer at 8:48 pm is the first of two solar eclipses in a row.This does happen occasionally.The Moon conjuncts Castor and Pollux and in Jyotish this is Purnavasu, a constellation that encourages us to study Scripture and old knowledge of the wise people before us.


Mercury goes retrograde July 25


July 27 full Moon lunar eclipse at 4° Aquarius ,the Sun is at 4 degrees Leo.Eclipse occurs at7:48 pm The Moon conjuncts Mars and squares Uranus. Mars is retrograde. there is anger in this aspect and intensity so we must be mindful of these things Also,take it slow with big machines and power tools,for this alighnment is accident prone..The Moon is in the mansion of Schravana or constellation Altair.This constellation is one of compassion and sharing and helping other people. This constellation is also a gossip constellation so beware of that coming out of your mouth or from other people’s mouth.

Astrology by Lucy McCall

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