THIS IS A COPYRIGHTED DESIGN VISIONED bY CHAITanya massera and martine herrera, created and produced by chaitanya massera and co designed with graphics by franki zinke. 


why live in and by boxes and squares. Cycles of the sun and moon are not square, and so this ingenious new calendar design uses a spiral sequence to plan out the days of the 13 moons. calendars can be individually designed upon order to suit your business or desire. Just send us 13 high resolution photo's and how many calendars you would like and we can send you your very own unique calendars to sell, gift or otherwise promote your cause/theme/business. We recently printed 20 calendars for lunar fire and they sold out in 2 days ! watch this space for our new spiral moon calendar website and for now use the contact page to connect about this exciting new creation. 

1Spiral Moon Calendar 2018 jan.jpg
2Spiral Moon Calendar 2018 feb .jpg

Tribal Vision june 29th -july 1st 2018 Taos N.M.