Paonia Soil CO. - Recipe for Success


Paonia Soil Co produces one of a kind soils that compliment each other to achieve maximum growing conditions for most plant varieties.  Our Featherweight Champion soil is perfect for starting seeds and cuttings. It has a light nutrient feed from the Dynamic Dressing compost and will never burn.  Our flagship soil, “The Bomb” has more nutrients to feed your plants in their vegetative stage.  These are solids from natural and organic sources like fossilized seabird guano.  As such these nutrients take longer to break down than liquid or chemical fertilizers and provide a perfect time release feeding every time you water.  To simplify, plant seeds in Featherweight Champion and transplant into “The Bomb”. These soils are teaming with beneficial microbes that help feed and protect your plants. You will have great results with less work and expense.  We also offer a Raised Bed Mix which follows the same recipe as The Bomb with the exception of using Organic Rice Hulls instead of Perlite. All of these work great anywhere you want to mix in with your own soil. We also offer Pro-Base which has no nutrients and is designed for professional growers that want to mix their own liquid or solid nutrient solutions.

“I used Paonia Soil Co. soil mixes for all my vegetable, flower and herb starts this year and found it to work better for me and my plants than any product I’ve used over the past eight years.”

Mark Waltermire, Thistle Whistle Farm in Hotchkiss, Colorado

Paonia Soil Co.



Starwater Elixir Bar


StarWater is an event production company that sets up an elaborate traveling cafe. We set up anywhere from 1-4 times a month at special events, all-night dance parties, music festivals, and also do decor for many well known venues.
Currently we serve french press and toddy coffee, strong brewed yerba mate, and a rotating selection of chai, as well as basic herbal teas. We bring the conversation of coffee consciousness to artists and musicians who play a large role in influencing support for certain companies and seek out sponsorships from anyone connected to the highest level consciousness products. We have worked with Guayaki Yerba Mate since 2007 and been a part of many amazing coffee/beverage companies in the midwest and Colorado. We are essentially a promotional platform for some of the coolest products, in a very underground, yet populated, scene.


Rainbow Lightening


At Rainbow Lightning we love to create interactive and collaborative environments for kids of All Ages, and their parents to connect and play with one another. By building community around new ideas and collaborative projects, Rainbow Lightning is designed to re-connect each individual with their inner child; reminding all who participate just how good it feels to let your true self shine!

We are dedicated to holding space for youth and our future leaders, empowering self-expression through art, music, nature and Love!



Festival Chef


Festival Chef started as a small venture cooking for friends at a local fest called “Feel Good Fest” many friends and support networks saw my passion for culinary. Many supporters through Arise festival in Colorado, Tribal visions, & my forever home festival that brings out the best in me Shangri-La in Minnesota, my peers helped nurture and provide positive helpful suggestions along the way that unfolded into a true passion for the fusion of food and musical arts. The mission behind festival chef is unique, I aim to provide food for campers/crews while building community educate on listening to your bodies needs and nourishing it to achieve the best peak performance even under not so optimal conditions such as a large concert or festival.


Golden Turtle Sound


Tapping the Source of our land, resonating deep within our hearts, Golden Turtle Sound represents the continued, once forgotten, evolution of a self proliferating eco-centric culture of peaceful, yet impactful, rEvolutionaries.
Since ancient times there has existed a powerful way of living symbiotically with what Is -- physically, energetically and spiritually.
At Golden Turtle Sound we are re-connecting our world community with the technologies, tools, and understandings that enable us to experience this ideal way of life; for ourselves, for our communities and for our planet.

DJedi Admin


Empowering heart-centered visionaries and entrepreneurs to deliver profound positive change by supporting their Entrepreneurial Hero’s Journey through foundational consulting and administrative services.

Djedi Administrative Services introduces a new philosophy into the startup and entrepreneurship space.

Our holistic, custom-service based approach empowers companies and individuals with a professional road-map and necessary tools to achieving both intrinsic and extrinsic value from their ventures.

These philosophies, practices, and principals will serve you and your professional career for a lifetime.

Through Djedi Admin, Schuyler Van Sickle and his team are dedicated to helping its clients become ever more successful and streamlined in their businesses.

Working with Djedi Admin has the added benefit of helping you get control of your schedule, so they can restore personal freedom and quality time.