Under 12 years of age are by donation at gate.


--camping and parking passes sold at gate --

camping passes $10 a night or $20 for all 3 nights

Glamping (Airstream) - with 3 day vip pass (SOLD OUT)


car parking passes will be rated on number of riders:
4+ people= 0$, 3 People = 10$, 2 people = 20$, 1 person =30$

R.V Parking Pass = 50$

so carpool ya'll, for serious.
-- check our ride share page on facebook --

Unfortunately the venue's insurance does not cover even the friendliest of dogs. We wish our best friends could accompany us, but we cannot allow it. 

We have a five star pet resort next door 1/2 mile away 


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What to Bring

Trash: Tribal Vision is a Pack it in - Pack it out event. please be responsible for your own trash and trash bags.

camping gear essentials:

   ***water bottle *** (maybe 2 or 3 in case you lose one)

   4 days clothing
   sandals and shoes (gets cold at night sometimes)
   Warm clothes for night (sometimes you need pants & jacket here)
   rain coat (oh i hope we don't need it!)
   costumes! - be beautiful !- be mysterious ! - be scary ? - express yourself!

   Tent ( w/ rain fly, ground cover and stakes! )
   sleeping bag
   sleeping pad
   Shade Structure

self care:
bug spray
   sunscreen lotion
   lip balm
   hats (for sun in day and cold at night)
   ***flash light - not your cell phone - headlamp you will thank yourself**
   water bottle (I'm serious stay hydrated!)

   plates - cups - spoon - fork - knife
   stove / pots / cooking utensils
   kettle / mugs
   lighter / matches
   small table
   Food (*plan a menu!?* )
   powdered drink mix - we have water - you have a bottle - cut down on trash!
   toothbrush / tooth paste
   wet wipes

   hand sanitizer
   soap (organic & biodegradable pleaese!)


Option items:
   lawn blanket / shade
   pillow / chair for workshops
   yoga mat
   hand drums
   FLow toys and juggling pins - show your stuff!
   face paint
   notebook for workshops / pen
   Lots and lots of chocolate



Tribal Vision june 29th -july 1st 2018 Taos N.M.