At Tribal Vision our volunteers are

 Compassionate Contributors


Compassionate Contributors

are what make the Tribal Vision possible.

Mindful Magicians

are how we manifest the Vision. 

Passionate Proactivity 

is how we erect the Vision.

Aware Assistance 

is why the Vision flows.

We know that every person brings their own vision and that in this act, Spirit's grand design forms. We need you. We need you to bring yourself and share your gifts with the community. What we ask is that you decide authentically, "How would I thrive as I serve my community?"  Sometimes that means trying something vastly different from daily tasks and skills, other times it means serving through your prowess. The prayer is that we thrive simply for showing up to the calling. That we follow through after showing up is a prayer for deep movement within our beings. 

Our barter is a daily 4 hour shift totaling 12 hours, covering entry and parking fees. (if you plan to utilize an RV please communicate this to us in email conversations) Camping will not be included, all camping fees are paid directly to Hotel Luna Mystica at the Front Gate upon check-in. 

Listed below we've explained areas of need; when submitting your form please have an idea in what area you'd prefer to enact your barter. 


Green Team 

Work with team lead Angie Fernandez to pour back into the Earth by way of scouring her surface. If you don't know much about refuse separation or just aren't sure what goes where, this is an excellent way to serve; Angie is one of the most passionate and educational women to learn Earth care from. If you are a radical Earth scourer and recognize the gift it is to care for our home in this way, please join the team, we are grateful for you. 

Tasks include: Management of trash, recycle and compostables. All organization of refuse will occur within the Green Square, each station around the event will be consolidated at this one station. All areas of refuse will be your responsibility to maintain. Light upkeep of portos. 


Bluntly, Parking is a role most rarely offer to do. Because, does it sound boring? well! it's not! and this is why this year it's been upgraded to VERY IMPORTANT Parking. This gig wants you to be creative. to sparkle. to ground and be grounded. to be the weaver who spins just a bit more color into each and every careful of arriving family. There will be a few posts to man to ensure all arrivals land safely. These posts need art! as in live art being created as people arrive, as they come and go; because breathing art inspires something in us. We need you to bring your fiber crafts! bring your painting! make rock mandalas! have your guitar, bring your crystals and palo santo, use your words you weaver of spells you... and when yet another car arrives greet them with your gift, share the vital info and send them into the adventure informed and inspired! Is this you?

Administrative Assistant - FULL 

We are now FULL with volunteers for these roles. Please consider volunteering your time in one of our other available departments.



We're looking for Stage: hands, runners, managers and Sound Technicians. If you have experience you know what the job entails and we need you, if you have no experience you are invited to be a runner. The Stage is an exciting realm, you get to be upfront for the action, holding an important role respecting the time of artists and attendees in turn, to produce a seamless event. As a team we have to be flexible, there are so many details to manage while in this environment and things will happen outside of the "plan". If you need seamless to be perfect know that seamless is a state of being, and that state is what we ask from those professionals willing to offer their services. A little go-with-the-flow goes a long way, we must let the wind interfere. If you're interested in being a runner it would be advantageous if you are a part of the artist communities and can recognize members of booked bands; sometimes finding people is a massive skill, or maybe you excelled at Where's Waldo... you don't need to know everyone, but trusting that spidey sense will make things happen!


What I love about the build is getting to see it all appear. We arrive to a blank canvas and it erects like a mirage. It is hard to believe sometimes. The days are long, we work through the sun and the wind and the rain. It is laborious. What you build is not only the village and the foundation of the experience, you build your own community. The way we become together when we create this transient masterpiece is formative. We will eat together, meals will be provided.  We will sweat together and when the village is built we will play and dance together. These shifts are long, we work sun up to sun down, and sometimes further still. The barter asked from this role is a 24hr investment; for the Build you'll be expected onsite Tuesday, Sep 10th. Essentially this barter splits up into three 8 hour days, should you become obsessed (as we do) and invest further we will honor your investment. Arrival Wednesday can be arranged or even Thursday if you can invest into the Strike as well. Those arriving for Build will not pay for camping build days, but will need to for the festival nights.


Like Parking, the Strike is a rarely attended role. The party is over; everyone wants to sleep in a bed and have a shower and see their dog. Many times we've had commitments from few to stay and help, yet a mass exodus occurs and we find ourselves fewer. This year we've booked Monday night on the Brewery Stage, we're hosting a clean up party! Stay for Strike, spend Monday cleaning up and tearing down with us, then go deeper into ecstasy and ceremony, where we'll close down the weekend as a small group. We do ask that you give a half day Tuesday and plan to leave Tuesday after noon. We will provide meals both days, additionally there are no further camping costs as long as you're helping. There will be physical labor involved these days, and showers will be available to you. 

Media - FULL

We are now FULL with volunteers for these roles. Please consider volunteering your time in one of our other available departments.


CC Booth

Compassionate Contributors needed to interact with Compassionate Contributors! This year we will hold a booth for check-in and out of every shift for those of you bartering with us. We need a few of you to work this booth under the guidance of lead, Leaf LaRay. This booth will serve as the information booth, med center, StarTribe Alliance hub and CC log. Please be ready to be friendly, you'll be representing Tribal Vision to anyone with a question and every other willing individual who has opened their experience of this year's event to one of service. You'll explain the map and terrain, facilitate shift check ins/outs, honor time investments with festival recognized time based currency (StarTribe Hours). You'll pretty much serve as ground zero for the event, showing up and holding a positive attitude can contribute a powerful energy to the entire event, think of yourself as the magma, your warmth radiates outward!

Elixir Bar Staff - FULL

We are now FULL with volunteers for these roles. Please consider volunteering your time in one of our other available departments.

Sacred Security 

There is hired security for this event, this role would be in addition to they. The idea is that certain places need additional eyes, hopefully those eyes, attached to your body can further the less visible boundaries we weren't able to erect. We need those of you who can hold space well to communicate firmly, directly and kindly to enforce boundaries. If you happen to be a strong boundary setter and enforcer this is the role for you. If you're learning to do these things, please try this role! My personal experience has shown that holding boundaries for others was easier than for myself, but did it ever teach me how to do so with grace. This role doesn't require physical muscles, only strength of character. If this sounds like you, we would love your support to keep the flow correct and secure. 


First Faces

Very much what it sounds like, these people will be the first faces one sees when arriving onsite. you will be there to stop the cars, direct them to pull off, park and visit the Front Gate. Think of the gate as a portal, one where when One enters, timelessness occurs and america is suspended. You get to be that gatekeeper. You get to hug them, smudge them, welcome them home and ground them from their journey. Do you hold space well for others feeling stress, because this role can have elements of that. People arrive feeling late or aggravated, can you be gentle, allowing, informative AND remind them that: hey! you've arrived! so... you're right on time! ...can you hear that they NEED to be ONSTAGE in 10min!!  can you still remind them they have time to breathe, but you know, with grace? it is you that forms everyone's first experience of Tribal Vision. so, who are you? Please describe yourself in the free space available in the form, we want to meet those who would greet. 

Artist Hospitality 

You'll be working under lead Andrea Curran, hosting and facilitating backstage operations. This role begins Thursday, Sep 12th; thus arrival that AM or the previous night is encouraged. Backstage decor will be the first step, preparing the space with ambiance, beauty to welcome the gift our elders bring in ceremony and the artists bring with practice. As the event unfolds your role will be to upkeep the cleanliness of the space, help stage crew keep the timing of the flow by informing upcoming acts about set times, keep food and beverages accessible to talent and elders and generally meet needs of those sharing their message onstage. Direct contact with inspiring peoples is a boon! Please be someone with attention to detail and respect for timeliness. ...that is festival time: so malleable, stress-less, optimistic and calm natured. As an artist prepares they may have their own nerves to deal with, you will hold a peace for them to enter into performance space with. 

Elder Hospitality - FULL

We are now FULL with volunteers for these roles. Please consider volunteering your time in one of our other available departments.

Shuttle Schleppers

If you already work with Uber, Lyft, or another accredited driving service this role is available to you.
We need night shuttle drivers, the shifts are 8pm-midnight and midnight-4am.
We have 3 off - site parking locations all within 3 miles, separated by Highway 68. We have a shuttle for the day time hours. Car camping and day parking are in different lots, your primary role will be to shuttle late nighters to their respective lots. You will be driving on state roads. We will need to make a copy of your id and insurance. You will be using your own vehicle in volunteer service to the festival not as fee service.

Please understand all roles need filling and will be done on a first come, first filled basis. Roles will be entrusted to those passionate, accountable and aware of what the role entails. As we've provided some awareness into the roles it is our hope we can hear your passion through your correspondence. The closer we get to the event some roles may become full and close to further volunteering. We are so thankful for those of you who, for whatever reason, want to be beside us conjuring this year's experience. It is a powerful thing to build the temple, know that if you choose this, no matter when you do so, you've chosen to carry the temple with us, until we stop and set it up. Don't fear, we've been doing this for some time now, and we've become quite adept as a team. We are looking forward to seeing you again, brothers and sisters. 

Welcome to 2019's Tribal Vision, you are essential. You are the we that is us. 

Shuttle Schleppers