Service Exchange and Volunteering

volunteers are an integral part of tribal vision festival and it would not be able to run with out you!

Service exchange gives those who volunteer a total of 12 hours (three 4 hour shifts) entrance and parking passes for their contribution! see below for details of volunteer teams!

we also would love the help of anyone who wishes to help the cause! Already have a ticket but want to donate 3 hours at gate or 1 hour helping in the kitchen, or any other strange combination of hours; We'd love to have you on the team!

positions needed:

earth tribe

 Green team - Help keep the festival grounds clean. Compost, recycling, and landfill. 12 hour shifts split into 3 four hour shifts. 

sanitation team - Cleaning and re-stocking the bathroom areas. We will need sanitation from the morning of Thursday the 18th - Sunday afternoon 21st. required 12 hours of work, 3 four hour shifts. The beauty of this service is that once the task is done your shift is over.

kitchen crew - Come work in the kitchen (dishes, veggie prep,serving, etc,) total of 12 hours, split into 3 four hour shifts. 

Water Tribe

 elders hospitality - This is a special breed of person it takes to have the humbleness to assist the elders with navigating the festival. This will be a small team , you will have possibly up to 20 hours on call made up for overlapping 6 hour shifts. sometimes you will be just hanging out on call, other times you may be running errands or assisting elders movement for several hours in a row. you must have a cell phone. you will receive meals while on duty. This position is a gift because of your proximity to the wisdom of the elders and your chance to interact with them.

Water crew- checking on the cleanliness and usability of the water drinking stations. also refilling drinking tanks for certain areas. 12 hours total. 

Fire Tribe

parking team - Helping assist the traffic in the parking lot. 12 hours made up of 3 four hour shifts. needed from thursday17th - Sunday 21st. Parking shifts range from all hours of the day, please specify if you have a strong preference or aversion (early morning/late night/etc.). 

Greeting / Assistance team (Security) - you are the first face of the festival, help welcome our friends home, ticket check in, info, love. you Will also be needed around the festival grounds at certain check points! Needed for total of 12 hours, split into 3 four hour shifts.

wind tribe

Stage managers - Experienced hands only, if you know the job you know what it takes, shifts will be one day shifts.


workshop managers- Helping things flow in the workshop areas and keeping teachers on schedule. Need kind communication skills as well as time management.


 Set up crew - we need people willing to show up between May 11-25th and work for build. you do not have to come the whole time, we are asking at least 5 days for ticket exchange, (if you are local and can only come in afternoons or mornings, etc. we can work with you to create a mutually beneficial schedule).  If you are on site you will be expected to work,
2 meals a day provided along with other refreshments and motivational snacks, we will be working around 8 hours a day. Yes I will be there also! This is physical labor like digging and carrying as well as sign making, boundary setting etc.. You get to see it all come together, help put your energy in at ground level. As the building finishes this team will turn into decor and ambiance. So if you are a hard worker but not a heavy lifter we can find a place for you!


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We will not be processing Volunteer Applications until the first week of January 2017, thanks for your patience, and please enjoy the winter!

Tribal Vision june 29th -july 1st 2018 Taos N.M.