Service Exchange and Volunteering

The act of All contributing is the Tribal Vision, each bringing their gifts. Tribal Vision Festival happens through those with hearts willing to serve.  Some contribute by purchasing a ticket to fund the experience, while others barter their way by investing their time to serve the whole. Volunteers are what make the village wheels turn. 

Our service exchange barters are based on a simple plan: 12 hours of work for a festival pass, free parking & camping. these 12 hours are during-fest hours and are generally split up into 3- 4 hour shifts, one each day the festival is occurring. 

Any exchanges Pre- or Post-festival happen in dimensions of time unlike during the festival where time elongates... essentially all these barters are a 24hour exchange for ticket entry.


See all roles below for further details. 


We are grateful for helping hearts; already have a ticket but want to contribute time to further the cause? 

we welcome you to the team for 2 hours in the kitchen or an few hours holding a Sacred Sentinel post at one of the stages... keep the site secure while flowing with the music, every contribution acts as a propellant. 

Roles Requested:

Earth Tribe

Green Team:

Green team is full. Check out our other service opportunities.


Kitchen Crew

Kitchen Crew is full. Check out our other service opportunities.


Food Liason: this is a Pre-Fest role.

if you are local, familiar with or interested in contacting local farms, either in NM or CO; we are looking for any food donations to feed our build/strike teams. we are happy to promote for farms or offer ticket trade options for food barter. 

Air Tribe


Stage Crew: 

Stage Managers, Sound Techs, Runners, Hands, MCs

Experienced hands only. If you know the job you know what it takes. 

Barter will be defined in conversation, sometimes you do one full day with the stage, sometimes shifts are best; let's talk. 



We have 2 potent build days where we need a BIG push of hard workers!

 This looks like: arrival Tuesday evening (26th) to begin labor sunrise Wednesday & Thursday and into Friday AM. Hole digging, structure erecting, rock moving, sign making, boundary setting... Help make the grid and lay the foundational prayers with your sweat, intention and collaboration. see it go from flat lands to shapes! see it all form, help form it and deepen your experience with your efforts. a boon to balance the long days, you have the entire event to experience, your barter already met. and did i say hot springs nearby.... meals will be provided to keep you fueled, water and the movement of teamwork! 


Decor Team is full. Check out our other service opportunities.



We have 2 days to remove all we brought and leave only whispers of prayer behind. We need focused minds and moving bodies. All remaining onsite these days are expected to help tear down. Due to the timing of these shifts, barter will be fully honored with boundaries: we ask that you purchase a half price ticket which will be fully refunded to you July 3rd. Meals included. 



Media team is full. Check out our other service opportunities.

Fire Tribe


Parking shifts begin Thursday the 28th and are needed through Sunday July first. This is a lower impact shift on your body, bring a chair or park your car at your post, yet it is a very important role! there will be a driving route running beside the camping zones so we'll need careful eyes looking out for our family. As well you'll act as an informational post and even possibly a peacekeeper. 

Parking shifts range all hours of the day and night so please inform us if you have a preference that we can schedule you properly. 


Front Gate: 

This is a firey role indeed! Essentially you'll become a mouthpiece for TVF. so if the Vision really aligns with you, this may be you. You'll check in guests, artists, attendees; credential all. You'll give out maps and explain the lay of the land. You'll answer questions and troubleshoot with anyone checking in. This can be a loud and fast pased role, surely a wordy one. If you are playing on the stage or hosting a workshop this can be an excellent avenue to offer other service through, as you are poignantly placed to self promote and shine through your celebrity. 


Sacred Security: 

Not your burly muscled archetype, sacred not scary. We crave from these individuals: strength, the sort that grounds energies, a listener, a peace monger, one who diffuses a happening not fuels it. muscles are also welcome. 

Sacred Security will be posted as Sentinels at the stages, and Wandering Ones permeating the experience with mindful awareness. As our event is one of ceremony we do not allow alcohol in our Sacred Grounds, yet we are hosting at the TaosMesaBrewery. To ensure respect for the Spirits, Sacred Security is a very necessary role holding the container of the event and facilitating ease while managing any occurance. 

This role includes looking for wristbands to ensure all are credentialed. 

Costumes Encouraged.  

Water Tribe

Greeting Team

Greeting team is full. Check out our other service opportunities.


Elder Hospitality:

Elder Hospitality is full. Check out our other service opportunities.



Please understand

regardless of what avenue you opt-in by, You are the We that is Us. Your experience of Tribal Vision is created by you! We are all creating this regardless how we've arrived there so if you have any preferences: speak up! Are you a morning person? ...perhaps you'd not prefer an 11pm-2am shift. Do you want to see a particular act or sit in on a certain workshop, suffer not your barter! ask, create your experience and let us all have a rich one! we are eager to be alongside you. 


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Currently accepting all angels!

Tribal Vision june 29th -july 1st 2018 Taos N.M.