September 13 - 15th 2019 we will be offering workshops at several different spots inside our village. These workshops are unique and start from sunrise to sunset. Workshop topics include ancient traditional wisdom teachings, ecological awareness and action plans, deep introspective cosmic journeying, yoga of many different forms, sound healing, energy healing activation and much, much more. Tribal Vision has hosted teachers like Paul Stamets “mycelium running”, Lisa Wimberger “Nero-sculpting institute”, Kaypacha “Pele Report” (Astrology), Kenneth Johnson (author of Jaguar Wisdom) and Brigitte Mars (Herbalist). See our list of past workshops below for a glimpse at our eclectic wonderland of knowledge and healing.

Deadline for applications for TVF 2019 is now expired.

The cut-off date for applying was August 15th, 2019

Would you like to contribute in the future?

We are a grassroots festival run by individuals who give their time, passion, skills, training, and talents to our collective vision. With this foundation, we offer a fertile environment to activate and facilitate change in our local and global communities for the greater good of all. We understand different workshops take different amounts of supplies, time, consideration, and effort so please feel free to let us know of your needs to make your contribution efforts to our festival successful and fulfilling. We do offer benefits as a thank you for your efforts. We will announce the next application deadline next year for 2020!

Workshops 2019 Lineup

Elders Workshops

2019 AumRak.jpg

AumRak Sapper

REIKI Master, Mayan Shamaness, Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepequez

Creating Sacred Space

She is encouraging you to bring waters from lakes, oceans, wells etc to participate with in the ceremony. As one of the oldest traditions, shamans learn about how to use the Elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. These ancient ways help people enter a deep state of consciousness in order to facilitate true healing. Come and learn how to create Sacred Space, and the use of Maya Calendar. There will be also space for Q&A.

Mayan Sacred Fire Ceremony

Based on the traditions of the Maya Shamans, the Sacred Fire Ceremony opens Multidimensional portals between the Healing energies of Heart of Heavens, and the elementals of The Heart of the Earth.

These elemental forces infuse the participants with healing energies, creating an awareness leading to a deep meditative state of consciousness.!  It’s a way to celebrate Life, Love and Light in invocation of the 260 energies of the Sacred Maya Calendar, the Heart of the Heavens and the Heart of the Earth.

For full bio, please visit our Elders page.

2015 Bernie Heideman.jpg

Bernie Heideman

Universal Dances of Peace

Bernie will be presenting two workshop including:

Dances of Universal Peace

These are circle dances using simple folk dance movements. We chant sacred phrases honoring the worlds’ many spiritual traditions.

Learning each dance before we do it is a part of the fun. We may be singing in Sanskrit, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, English, Latin, Greek, Russian, Tibetan. Our intention is to be wholehearted and access our divine selves, be in the moment,  celebrate community, and experience beauty. These dances are moving, whole-body meditations. The dances are oriented toward group connection and similar to many folk style dances, you will sometimes be partnered and your partner will change often.&

Body Prayer. Singing & Chanting

Join Bernie as he leads us through simple phrases in various languages. Dance, Songs & Meditations all invite us to be present,in the moment, generating a powerful force that opens our hearts. If you don’t have a trained singing voice, it won’t matter. Our Singing together is a beautiful and powerful experience. You can see some of Bernie’s work on youtube by simply searching “bernie heideman dances of universal peace”.

For full bio, please visit our Elders page.

Wonder Bob.jpeg

Wonder Bob

Bob Wonder will be presenting two workshops this festival as well as holding space for other workshops under his Wonder Dome: Wisdom Vortex. Workshop topics will be:

The Evolution of Dimensional Reality Presentation


Consciousness Workshop

More info on this workshop TBA

2019 Christinia Eala.jpg

Christinia Eala

Lakota Grandmother, Environmental Activist & Protector of Lakota women & children, Fort Collins CO

Christina will be offering two story telling sessions called “The BeginningTimes and Sacred Covenants” and “Lakota Ceremonial Protocol and Symbology”.

More information on these story telling sessions TBA.

For full bio, please visit our Elders page.


Dr. Blue

A Party for Your Soul: The New Technoshamanism 

”Remember, your body is not just a Temple it is also a Nightclub”  The Shpongle Project 

 Join Dr. Blue as he leads you through this Voyage of Transformation that is both workshop & playshop.

You will regain your personal power, rediscover the meaning & purpose of your life and gain an understanding of the fractal nature of your identity & energy. Learn to listen to the wisdom and celebrate the joy of your body-mind.

Using the ancient healing methods of shamanic journeying & yoga, recent scientific approaches such as Ericksonian Hypnosis & autogenics (attention training) and the newest high-tech tools such as such Fractal Diving & FracTales and powered by new forms of electronic music, you will connect your past, present and future lives in a way only recently possible with these technological advances. 

You will benefit from recent maps of the mind-body to retune your physical & emotional selves to a Shamanic Edge™ that is the boundary between who you were, who you are, and who you will become.  You will have the opportunity to express this emerging self visually through rhythm, music, dance & sharing. You can recreate your personal history you can create a new self and you can learn to live the Fractal Lifestyle™ that you are capable of. 

Be prepared to encounter immeasurable beauty, learn the joke of your own life and encounter infinities of micro & macro cosmos. Prepare to tremble with joy & elation. Prepare to surrender to the flow of your life and your community. Learn to use infinity as your reference point for personal decisions. Learn how to have Better Living thru Synchronicity™ and to live at the Edge of Creativity™. 

Inspired by over 12 years of teaching clinical hypnosis at the  Esalen Institute in Big Sur CA, twenty-five years of shamanic practice, and direct training from Timothy Leary, Terrance McKenna and others, A Party for Your Soul is a celebration of you as a multitude, a refusal to accept mediocrity in your life, a shamanic vacation into the heartland of the center of the cyclone. Your life may never be the same!

2019 Lucy McCall.jpg

Lucy McCall

Celtic Priestess

Lucy will be presenting an Astrology Class, an Early Morning Herb Walk, and an Herbal Crafting Workshop.

More information TBA.

For full bio, please visit our Elders page.

2019 Nandhiji Yogi.jpg

Nandhiji Yogi, Los Angeles, CA

Kalangi Kundalini Yoga Workshop

Nandhiji imparts the teachings of the mystic yogis, the Siddhas through yoga for each to be the Yogi. Kalangi Kundalini Yoga is a map to higher consciousness that awakens us to be the Yogi to break free of the limits of body, mind and circumstances. "Kalangi" means- wearing time as clothes, ie, to define time from our timelessness. Kundalini is states of consciousness to ride on. Nandhiji will at first narrate 12 secrets within "yoga" that he will then, through simple but potent asanas, convey the teachings through experience. This yoga teaching is unique as Nandhiji describes his teaching as the 'software of yoga' that empowers each to enhance their yoga practice and awaken the immense powers within each.

Mastery of Consciousness Workshop

The ultimate gift of a life time for a human is attainment of consciousness. In the attainment of consciousness, we determine the magnificence of realities for ourselves and to uplift humanity through our vibrations. Nandhiji shares stories and imparts several life changing tips from the 108 Consciousness Sutras of his book, Mastery of Consciousness that awaken each to be the Guru, the Master. Nandhiji will teach techniques of empowerment such as the art of manifesting on writing our daily work, attaining the 'flow' of creativity etc- as practical tips to unfold the genius of doings.

“These are moments when the intense enlightened energies of the Sages, as consciousness, reach each of us in ease. My purpose is to be the joyful instrument that can uplift humanity to amazing possibilities of consciousness. Imagine a million Mahatma Gandhis, Rumis and Einsteins! This is a possibility in our times. We are the realities of this consciousness.” – Nandhiji

Siddha Mantra Chant Kirtan

Turiya Nada sets the inner fire in ecstasy with the mystical mantras and energy blessings of the Siddhas! Nandhiji will perform this kirtan for the first time in public. Awaken the powers of each chakra through the primordial resonance.

Full Bio available on our Elders page.

2019 04 Robintix Perryman.jpg

Robintix, Grand Junction CO

CannaBuddhist Monk.

He will be offering a RekiOhm Breathing Meditation Workshop and a One-hour Walking Meditation workshop.

From Robintix:

“RekiOhm is similar to Reiki. I have been practicing this with my voice since I was 13 and only two years ago decided to give it a name. My voice vibrates as low as low G which heals the Mother Earth . Low C 174 hz which relieves pain. And A 111 hz which the Mayans used to cure cancers. I use these tones to heal and align Chakras. In my workshop I will explain this more and teach various types of deep breathing. Walking meditation is a slow walk with full lungs and chanting or deep breathing.”

Healing vocal vibrations
The vibrations from within
The power of the voice
And strength of breath
Breathe deep and ohm
The pain resides
Breathe deep and ohm
Filing the air with vibes
Feel it in your body from head to toe
Awakening healing energies

For full bio, please visit our Elders page.

Allowing them the flow
Everywhere I go
Every breath I take
Healing energy flows
Awakening healing from within
Breathe deep and ohm
Gone is the pain
Breathe deep and ohm
Healing again
Breathe deep and ohm


Contributing Participants Workshops


Darshan Dance Tribe

Temple Tribal Fusion Workshop

Darshan Dance Tribe presents a Temple Tribal Fusion workshop. Darshan Dance Tribe is a Temple Tribal Fusion Belly Dance company where the dancers themselves becomes the Prasad or ceremonial offering to the divine. They incorporate divine imagery and shamanic trance dance into the journey of their prayer-formances. In this workshop we will explore ancient temple dance and tribal fusion vocabulary, modalities, and  expressions.


Darshan Dance Tribe is a Temple Fusion Dance company where the dancers themselves becomes the prasad or ceremonial offering to the divine. They incorporate divine imagery and shamanic trance dance into the journey of their prayerformances.Darshan Dance Tribe is a premiere Temple Fusion dance company based out of Denver CO. Darshan Dance Tribe has a dance school which features weekly classes which feature Indian Dance, Tribal Fusion, Belly Dance, ATS and ITS vocabulary study, and yoga. DDT additional offerings includes props classes, fire dance classes, improvisation, choreography study, ballet, jazz, modern dance, yoga, and sacred dance ritual.

DDT's has extensive festival performance experience includes: Sonic Bloom, Arise Music Festival, Tribal Vision Festival, Unify Festival, Elsewhence Family Reunion, Shamonic Boom... Their performance artist line ups with musical producers include: Shpongle, Desert Dwellers, Lunar Fire, Govinda, HAANA, Clozee, Templo, Mindex, Messenger of Secrets, Of the Trees, Plantrea, Xerephine Musica, 5AM, ,... Venues DDT has performed at: The Fillmore Auditorium, The Ogden, Cervantes Master Piece Ballroom, Cervantes Other Side, Black Box, The Fox in Boulder, The Aggy in Ft. Collins, The Oriental Theater, Double Rainbow Ranch, Lumonics Light and Sound Gallery, The Mercury Cafe... Other events and Production Agencies: Opulent Temple Pre-Parties "White Party", Cosmic Synergy Entertainment.



Ableton Workshop with Totem

Phoenix Clay, better known as the producer Totem from Boulder, Colorado presents a 90-minute workshop on Ableton Live. His workshop covers things from routing, recording, composition, sound design, mixing, and mastering. He has helped in producing many of Tribal Vision's favorite artists such as Xerephine, Alias Clay, Treephort, and more. Participants are encouraged to follow on on their laptops using their own Ableton software.

About Totem:

Totem is the solo project of Boulder based producer, Phoenix Clay Michael. Phoenix has been playing eastern-style instrumentation for over a decade(tabla, doumbek, darbuki, didgeridoo, ric, etc), while also exploring digital synthesis and sound design. Totem culminates these two passions into a modern interpretation of ancient instruments. The sampling style is deep and visceral. Blending sequences of thick bass and instrumentation with live production. Live production includes Didgeridoo, vocals, synth, keyboard, percussion, and bass. Phoenix’s debut album with the project is titled, The Bonfire of Life, and was written and Totem/motion of solidarity with the native tribes of North America. Totem sees the immense potency that dance has for healing in our culture, and also sees the reverent nature of ancient and native style music. The ultimate thrill is fusing these two things into a continuous musical experience shared amongst listener and maker. Totem is humbled to bring thy dance medication.


Andrew Martens with Planet Earth Regeneration Project

Why Worms are So Wonderful

We will discuss worms and their function in the soil food web, what worms actually eat, why the process of digestion is so beneficial to soil, how to create a worm farm, how to reduce waste in homes, acceptable inputs, premium inputs, what not to do, and why cold composting is so beneficial for plants and soil. Discuss how worms work with sustainable living organic no-till systems of gardening and farming. It will be 45 min long with room for questions in the last 15 minutes.

Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture

We will discuss different aspects that make sustainable living work and how to incorporate permaculture, organic gardening practices, composting, and zero waste systems that only improve with time. We will talk about permaculture design and working with nature to design a community or property, how to use living organics to supercharge the soil with microbes and speed up succession of soil to fungal dominance, how to compost human waste, create a system that is so abundant it produces more than enough to give back to the people and the system, water harvesting, living off-grid, and what is possible for future communities that work with nature.


I am passionate about healing the earth. I know that if we observe nature and work with her in a symbiotic relationship all things are possible. I'm on a journey to raise awareness of sustainable living and agricultural practices. I just started a company to help people regenerate their land or farm and restore abundance and balance to their life which will ripple out and restore abundance to the earth.


Elise Kaivalya

Sonic Yin- Restoring Energy flow

Sound Healing and Yin yoga combination that I have been developing for years and I have offered in Montana, and Santa Fe. Sound can stimulate blocked emotions and trigger the original emotions or feelings. The emotions initially cause a bodily disturbance such as tension or tightening. If not allowed to fully sense and express the feelings or receive the needed comfort or validation, the body will remain tense and the tissue, especially the connective tissue will become blocked. (51. Dale, Cindi. The Subtle Body.) During the sound bath, Yin yoga poses are instructed to open and continue the release in the connective tissues, emotional or energetic stagnation.

Sonic Yin- Balancing the Chakras

I will offer very specific poses and variations for all levels. I practice Acutonics- Where tuning forks are applied to ACUpuncture points. These tuning forks are in a cosmic scale similar to a harmonic scale but mathematically derived from the rotations and orbit of the planets. Acutonics is an integrated approach to health care grounded in Oriental medicine, psychology, science, cosmological studies and sound healing principles. I also use Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells, and other sound healing tools. Each workshop will take 15 min set up, 90min class with an introduction, meditation, yin yoga, and savasana all with a sound bath.


I am an avid Yogi, student for 12 years teacher for 5. I have always loved music and was attracted to sound healing, my study with Acutonics naturally led me to study Oriental medicine. I find it very important to live consciously in alignment with my highest vibration, love. "Sonic Yi" is something that came to me in a loud aha! I have ben working on it for 4 years now. This synergy of two things I love has already brought about some amazing transformation in participants. See more on my website and feel free to ask questions.



Tantra Flow

This 3 hour tantra flow is an original tantra sequence. We practiced it everyday for 2 months in Ecuador for 3 hours. It helps create strength and flexibility throughout the WHOLE body. It’s not like any other yoga class. I won’t be teaching step-by-step into each pose (only what’s necessary) because the point of tantra yoga is to listen to your own body and understand its wants and needs. It’s a very relaxing class with calm music, lots of Shavasanas and deep stretching. There’s few poses that may be a little more on the advanced side like (candle pose and wheel) but that is ALWAYS optional for people to do. I would prefer to teach this class since I have felt so much passion after learning tantra yoga and I want to share my learnings with others.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow will be a simple class. Swift movements, focusing on breath and listening to our bodies. I will have some fun music playing to keep our spirits up and groovin’. This is a flow for anyone at any level.


My name is Genesis, I am 20 years young. I’ve always enjoyed fast paced yoga flows almost like a workout flow. But recently I was introduced into tantra yoga, and it’s the complete opposite. Tantra is all about slowing down and focusing on your breath. I learned to combine the two flows and find a balance. I learned a lot from each and am excited to teach my learnings to others in hopes to inspire people.


Jemini Wild

The Hero & Heart Coherence: Life Design for the Modern Dreamer

Through Writing Ritual, Symbolic Sight & the activation of archetypal energies - students invoke their inner Hero, explore their creative power through the lens of the Magician, & tune to their wisdom through the energy of the Student-Sage. Lastly, the Warrior archetype inspires personal devotion & discipline to carry their vision to fruition. Students come away feeling inspired, powerful, with a renewed sense of themselves and how they want to show up in the world. Side effects include clarity of vision & reaching for a higher ambition. This 3 hour experience gives practical application for mystical connection. It connects the otherworldly with the everyday experiences of their lives. Every person will receive unique guidance and collectively, they witness & uplift each other. Included is a professional quality workbook, beautifully designed & rich with content students can revisit. This also serves as their own Magical Text, as what they channel in this sacred space will indeed be holy.

About Jemini:

Jemini is a Visionist, Dreamer, Writer, Spirit Weaver, Modern Mystic, Wisdom Teacher and Artist of Her Own Life. She has a BA in Religious Studies & is a Certified Life Coach. She’s traveled around the world, SOLO. Twice. She’s obsessed with personal & spiritual development & has spent years studying positive psychology, the nervous system, neuroscience, symbolic sight, ritual, ceremony, what makes us human (or not), and the ins & outs of her own wise heart. Working with her propels you forward, giving you the tools to fish so you can go on to feed your own wise soul without her.


Kelly ODonnell

Fort Collins, CO

Natures Wisdom is Conscious Revolution

Come to understand how Nature is the great teacher of Conscious Revolution. See how the dance of the Sun and Earth teaches us daily and yearly with a repeating circular fractal pattern. Understand perspective and learn the actual science of the interaction of the cycles with time. We will integrate these patterns as a template for your daily and yearly life cycle to help achieve your life’s vision. Start with your Vision, Plan, Action, to Hope, Manifest, Nurture, to Growth, Result, Harvest arrive at Preserve, Reflect, Wisdom. We will do several simple yet fun physical group participation motion exercises to internalize the cycle lessons into body memory and offer many micro rituals that can be implemented into daily life. Participates will be taught thought tools that include mind map imagery and short simple English mantras to help retain the information and align the mind with the Natures cycle.

Understanding the Unity of Mans Symbols with Nature

Throughout time, mankind has developed many different religious symbols like logo branding that divided into us vs the others and ignored nature. With our earth in such environmental peril, it is imperative that as a society we find more ways to reintegrate a reverence and connection to nature and see how many religious symbols and related words can be related to nature, the sun and earth. We will examine how various stars, crosses, swastika, fractals, infinity signs and yin yang symbols fit into one grand unification symbol called Natures Calendar-Clock. We will then cover how this can all be integrated into a one building that is a template model for living in harmony with the Earth and Sun called the Temple of Time. We will also learn how we can personally align with the light or solar energy in our apartments and homes and gardening and live a solar life. This will save us all money and be good for the planet.


Kelly O’Donnell is a Solar Engineer/Speaker/Song writer/Writer/Artist/Poet/Maker. She designed build and lived in off grid and grid tie solar houses. She combines Solar knowledge with the study of symbols and created the art installation" The Temple of Time/Natures Calendar" for the Arise Festival and NOCO Maker Faire. She’s a published author who gave presentations at Ignite, the Loveland museum, churches, colleges, radio shows and festivals. She spins the ConsciousRevolution

idol of lord hanuman ji.jpg

Leela Kirtan

David Coddington of Boulder. CO

The Art and Heart of Kirtan Chanting

Beginning with simple yoga postures we relax the body/mind. Moving into chanting of Sanskrit seed mantras we explore the subtle nature of sound and it’s affect on our being. Discussion of energies, deities, and methods and intent of Kirtan inform and prime our group for call and response chanting practice. As participants ease into the active experience of the nature of Kirtan, a conscious and transformative trance develops. Through guided small group sharing and creative vocalizing, attendees will be inspired and encouraged to share their own devotional sound creations with musical support and cheer leading from band members of Leela Kirtan. We will close with a community building prayer for the benefit of all beings and Q and A to support participants’ art and heart of chanting back home. A detailed time line of this workshop is available on request.

Be the Magic of Mantra: Make Music for Love and Healing

This workshop stands alone and is also a natural continuation of Leela Kirtan Workshop: The Art and Heart of Kirtan Chanting. We will begin with simple yoga postures and chant Sanskrit seed mantras to open us into the Zone of Bhakti, that magical and multidimensional space of healing bliss. And in this devotional surrender into our unique and ecstatic experience of Bhakti, we touch into joy, peace, and power. As we dance and sing we find harmony among deities and archetypes awakened within, imbuing balance into our human nature, alive and gravitating towards Union with the One. After cycles of chanting in drum circle and traditional call and response Kirtan with the band and dropping into the “Zone,” Leela Kirtan will invite workshop participants to volunteer-lead a chant and group call and response. We will close with prayers for happiness for all beings and follow with Q and A and resources for making mantra music with others for love and healing. A detailed time line of this workshop is available on request.


Kirtan came into my life through my first chant: The Moola Mantra, a chant for liberation. Though my understanding was limited the heart gravity of this practice was undeniable. As curiosity grew I joined Kirtan friends in Boulder, Co. and began my journey Home. My previous experience of music as a one-way street of performer/audience grew to include Sanskrit chant call and response and group unison which opened me to the bliss of Bhakti. Music and community and spiritual practice merge together as love and healing and expansion of one's self concept unfold effortlessly. I love sharing this!


Lina Alegre

Mate Ceremony: A Sharing Experience

The workshop will be about sharing the roots of the ancestral infusion, Yerba Mate, as well as its use in this modern world. I will be sharing tips and secrets on how to prepare the mate in its original way, with a squash or 'calabacita' as the gourd (commonly referred simply as 'el mate') where the tea leaves go, the straw or 'bombilla' where the infusion is sipped and the tea formally named Ilex Paraguarensis and commonly called yerba. I’ll be showing different types of mates (gourds) and 'bombillas' and 'yerbas' for tastings. I’ll be serving it after the first introductory talk. I’ll be talking about its far past known to be a tradition of the guarani tribe of the region of South America and how it is still something people practice everyday in South America. I’ll be sharing my personal experience on how it is to grow up in a culture that continues this tradition and why I keep this practice alive in my life during the past 5 years of living in the USA.

Next, my husband will briefly be sharing his personal experience as an American on how mate changed his life and the difficulties at the beginning stages of becoming 'un matero'... someone that prepares and drinks mate!      

This ritual is usually taken in a circle where the person that prepared the mate also serves or poures - ceba - the water into the mate and passes it to the person next to, who after sipping on it, returns it to the pourer or cebador/cebadora who is in charge to continuously pass the tea around in one direction in the circle. This infusion is considered sacred and it has uplifting effects.

Finally, we will have a full mate circle, showing the way people from South America region sit down and share that moment to just be; to relax into your own being while sharing with each other la bombilla, the silences and the words, the gestures, the space, the timing. All the nuances this process has that makes it as flowy and smooth as it is in places like Argentina that have kept this gem alive from our ancestors. This is heritage. And I’ll like to pass it on.  


My name is Carolina Alegre, I go by the name of Lina, I’m 28 years old and I was born and raised in Argentina. It is the heart of the region where the Guarani tribe used to call home. They have been reduced but they are still alive.

I grew up in “mate culture”. We have it for all the reasons: it’s breakfast in the morning, it’s digestive after lunch, it’s the perfect scenario to unwind after a long day of work. I can easily say mate is and has been my best friend.

My relationship with mate has grown stronger especially as I found myself living in the US where mate culture is unknown as I know it to be: not in a can, not as an energy drink but as a sacred infusion found and shared by our ancestors.


OM Hypnosis

Mckinney, Texas

Optimizing Your Infinite: Learn to unlock and harness your minds true power

As a paramedic instructor and, for the past 5 years, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have spent most of my life helping others. I used to heal the body and now I heal the mind. This seminar course will meet participants on their current level of understanding and guide them towards a practical understanding of mental dynamics. As you understand the ways in which your mind works, you will begin to use specific mental tools or "mind hacks" that will allow you to gain more emotional control, think and focus more efficiently, solve problems more effectively, or tap more easily into your creativity. Whether you are already a mind master or completely new to this kind of training, you will both enjoy and greatly benefit from this incredibly fun and interactive course that is never taught the same way twice.The format of this seminar course will include a combination of interactive lecture, live demonstration, and group activities.

Enlightened Intimacy: A Shaman's perspective on modern relationships

How would you like to effortlessly become a better communicator? What if you could quickly and easily become a better lover? How many of your problems would be solved if managing your relationship(s) was a simple, straightforward process? As a former paramedic instructor, hypnotist, and shaman, I intimately understand the importance of relationships. This seminar course will allow participants to honestly assess current and past relationships before guiding them towards new perspectives and techniques that greatly enhance their ability to establish and manage relationships in the short and long term. First we must understand who we are according to our mind, then communicating and relating with others becomes enjoyable again, soon becoming almost effortless. This course will totally change the way you see and approach interactions with other people by giving you new insights into how we as humans naturally relate. Whether you are already a master or completely new to this kind of training, you will both enjoy and greatly benefit from this incredibly fun and interactive course that is never taught the same way twice. The format of this seminar course will include a combination of interactive lecture, live demonstration, and group activities.


I have lived a lot and gathered a daunting number of intense life experiences for someone of my age. I am an old soul, shaman, hypnotist, clinical hypnotherapist, and former advanced paramedic instructor. I have lived in several foreign countries, learned several foreign languages, and continue to constantly seek new experiences and poignant insights from a variety of sources. In my free time you will likely find me playing guitar or enthusiastically jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. I also read an unhealthy amount of books. - Oliver


Maia (Tree Skeleton)

“The Holy Death; Embracing Radical Personal Truth to Invoke Mother Death & Catalyze Spiritual Rebirth”

This workshop focuses on consciously invoking radical self-truth and the spirit of death as a way to catapult our spiritual paths. Many times in order to instigate rebirth during our spiritual lives something must die. A thought, a responsibility, a belief, etc. When we ask for the path to be cleared and our distractions to be discarded we must be ready for the truth and to practice grace and trust as we are supported through our transition by Spirit, Universe, or whomever or whatever we believe protects and guides us. Maia will discuss cultural and religious helping spirits that can be invoked such as Santa Muerte. The path of a death walker is not easy but full of love and compassion for ourselves and others. We will dive into meditation and intuitive exercises to examine what is in our highest good to let go of and what we are ready or not ready to let go of. We will also explore for ourselves as individuals who or what represents holy death for us personally and how we can create space in our practice, altars, and lives for this part of the cycle of life to bring us greater self-awareness and wisdom. 

About Maia:

Practicing her spiritual path mostly through Shamanism, Maia (Cristina Vazquez) also incorporates many different faiths and wisdom traditions into her practice including but not limited to different paths of Paganism, Buddhism, Curanderismo, and more. She is a devotee of Grandmother Moon, Mother Mary, and Santa Muerte. She believes that Mother Earth is very much alive and we should protect her and listen to her. She adheres to the belief that all things in the Universe are connected and because of this, everything we do affects everything and everyone else. This then heightens the importance of intention and action in everything we do both this lifetime, and the next. She is open to learning from all traditions and cultures that come with a message of love and compassion for all.

She hosts and coordinates moon circles, spiritually based festivals, and healing workshops. She is the current Healing Workshops and Performances Coordinator for the Healing Arts Festival in Sacramento, CA as well as the Workshop Coordinator for Tribal Vision Festival in Taos, NM.


Naomi Hennes

Internal Crisis Response!

Within this workshop we will integrate self-care practices with non-violent communication. We will collectively outline physical needs, and how important biological messages are physically relayed in stress response situations. We will explore ways to identify these stress responses, and we will work on creating personal safety plans for internal crisis response!

About Naomi:

My Name is Naomi Hennes. What a blessing to work with such a spirit-driven team! IllumIKnation Station: Grassroots Education continues to grow and evolve, and as a volunteer manager, I have the pleasure of working with hundreds of individuals, active volunteers like all who have come together to coordinate this event: committed to a sustainable community, and the
free sharing of information! My background in event planning and volunteer coordination has really fostered a dedicated commitment to community networking. I am a Youth of Unity graduate, trained in non-violent communication, peer advocacy, child development, and community outreach.

I love animals, the great outdoors, holistic health practices including herbalism, and essential oils. I am very interested in learning more about indigenous agricultural and the permaculture practices therein. I believe that plants were created for the healing of our bodies! I am sincerely interested in science! I am currently enrolled in an associate of science program so that I may choose a more specific science as my passions develop with my career. I am an artist at heart, I am a passionate writer. Consider however art as mother nature, mother nature an art, she enfolds the essence of spirited intention. I intend to continue my education with a focus that embodies mother nature needs. These needs are inherently our own. I will forever be working to be a voice for the life that cannot speak words. With the breath the trees make for me, I have to opportunity to give winds of change.


Robert John Malone / Sacred Sound Services

The Spirit of Sound

   Interested in becoming a Sound Healing Practitioner? Want to learn more insights on the value of incorporating sound into your wellness services? Or simply find music and sound fascinating? Then Join us for this 2 hour in-depth experiential workshop presented by Robert John Malone of Sacred Sound Services. Robert is a nationally recognized sound healing practitioner, music producer & visionary artist who for the last 2 decades has been studying the field of sound healing. This workshop includes a brief multimedia presentation with ancient and modern insights about sounds influence on us as human beings. Followed with simple modalities on using sound for wellness alongside breathing exercises, vocal toning techniques and concluded with an Acoustic Sound Bath of Tibetan and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong, Chimes and other Harmonically Rich Soundscapes.


Meta Yoga

My intention of the workshop is Helping Us see “Beyond” the standard 5 Physical Senses. Our main activities are Eye Education and Exercises with Pranayama. Everyone has what’s called a “dominant eye”. Through meditation, you will be helped to bring balance back into our field. We can experience reality through our 3rd eye which I believe we all naturally have this ability to do, but technology is “effecting” this ability. The Basis of the training is in regards to NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) and we will be addressing stress overall. Being our Main Input Sensory System, bringing more awareness into this area of vision often brings about many changes for individuals who have attended including improved mental clarity, vision clarity, and inner sense of peace. Our senses of Sight and Sound are linked. Our Physical Perception of Reality is Limited and thus any exercises that help expand our senses lead many to “ah-ha” moments. Poor vision - Near/farsightedness are actually weak muscles in the eye and can be improved naturally through discipline. I will help share practices to help strengthen our eye muscles, notice our "blind spot", and understand out media that we watch and read affects our perception and behavior. My deepest insight in regards to the workshop is that by attuning our awareness more around our sight/vision we can begin to peer into a wider bandwidth of information and dimensions/realms once blocked from our “sight’ (*without plant medicines). This, as a result, improves our ability to discern “truth” and recognize aura shapes/colors, spirits, shape-shifters, ET’s, etc… thus assisting us in becoming better Healers Overall.


Robert John Malone is a humble soul whose passion is in the arts of all dimensions. Robert came into the healing arts through a life-changing experience with western medicine and self-healing from an auto-immune disease in his early 20’s. Since then he has gone on to study many fields of wellness becoming a RYT, Reiki Practitioner & starting several wellness businesses. Also an Audio Engineering Graduate of SAE - Amsterdam, he has worked at world renowned FABRIC in London, UK, and some of the top recording studios in the United States yet he has always focused on the power of music to move us and touch the core of what we are as human beings. Having now hosted over 100+ workshops and performed at some of the top transformational festivals, wellness conferences, & yoga expo’s in the United States, Robert travels the country continuing to share his passion for The Spirit of Sound.


Sedona & Jovanny

The Council of All Beings

The Council of All Beings is an immersive experience, based off of Joanna Macy's The Work that Reconnects. We will discuss social justice and health equity with an ecological lens, and cultivate shared understanding of these concepts. Starting with a guided Shamanic journey meditation, participants will connect with any being (it could
be an animal, an insect, a tree, the ocean, ANY being that they
channel). Afterwards, we will begin a Mask making Ceremony, where everyone will create a mask to embody the being that they connected with. During this ceremony is a deep dive into the interconnectedness of all beings. We will also dedicate time to craft a short speech to bring forth to the council. After this section, we will convene the Council of All Beings. Everyone will have a chance to speak on behalf of their being, embodying their spirit and giving a voice to those who
are voiceless. We will honor the presence of everyone in the room and all of the beings channeled while bearing witness to the collective ecological pain we are all encountering. We will address the oppression these different beings have to endure, as well as their power and beauty they hold. This workshop unleashes a deep empathy for all beings, as well as cultivates our creativity and inspires us to think differently. It will also activate everyone to identify ways to become a Warrior of Peace and uplift social justice and health equity
within their own lives and communities.


Jovanny Moreno-Castelan utilizes Art As Activism to make an impact in communities. He started off as a graffiti artist who experienced the realities of gang violence. Jovanny was then able to find meaningful ways to elevate his artwork to empower youth and community members to tap into their creativity, solidarity, and motivation to address
social issues. SI SE PUEDE!

Sedona is a Warrior of Peace who is majoring in Peace Studies and Yoga with a minor in Environmental Science at Naropa University. She is passionate about utilizing mindfulness and health equity within her advocacy work, and addressing social issues with a lens of intersectionality. She utilizes decolonizing methodologies to invoke healing.

Together, Sedona & Jovanny uplift each other to connect with and empower others to gain knowledge and get involved. They have presented at multiple conferences together including the National Summit on Youth Activism, the Shared Risk & Protective Factor Conference, SONIC BLOOM, Public Health in the Rockies, APHA National Conference, Youth
Advocacy & Action Summit, and many more.

More 2019 Workshops TBA Soon

Past Workshops

2018 Workshops

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Natural Remedies for Overcoming Addiction - Brigitte Mars

MogaDao 5 Element Medicine - Nikesha Breeze

Sonic Apothecary Sound Healing - Peter May

Spiral Moon Calendar - Chaitanya

Power Dreaming Yoga - Rama Deva

Diksha Energetic Blessing - Diksha Energetic Blessing

Sacred Psychoactives - Brigitte Mars

Nick Perchess - High Country Homesteading: Crops and Canning

Evening Yoga - Suzy Adra

Indigenous Phrenology - Michael Alcazar

Faerytale and Archetypes - Xerephine

Womens Tent - Jiiniikiwa

How to Not Take on Other People’s Energy Clearing Entities and Implants - Wonder Bob

Sacred Song Circle - Bernie Heideman

Pineal Gland Activation - Wonder Bob

Favero & Aygul Ahmetova Trance Induction & Utilization - Samuel Burke

Tribal Economy: Moving Away from Corporate - Brian Hewlett Dr LIFE

Nordvig Capitalism Nordic Spirituality and Runes - Mathias Valentin

Intro to the Ancient Wisdom: Legacy of the Soul - Omani Nagi

The Sacred Masculine and How To Operate in Integrity BROTHERS ONLY - Wonder Bob

Yoga Reiki Fusion - Mayan Mike & Emily Rainflower

Yoga Kriya with Sound Healing - Mayan Mike

Nordic Solstice Ritual (Blót) - Mathias Valentin Nordvig

Ancient History of the World & Solar System - Wonder Bob

Nick Perchess - High Country Homesteading: Crops and Canning

Ancient History of the World - Wonder Bob 

Overcoming Polarized Reality - Wonder Bob

Merkaba Activations - Wonder Bob

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2017 Workshops

Edible landscaping and forest gardening in the high desert steppes - Aaron Jerad

Eco-social design from the micro to the macro:  creating a perennial economy - Michael Alcazar

Laughter Yoga - Bernie Heiderman

How to Feed the World - Rachel Morrison

Buddhist Mindfullness -  Renee and Jiiniikee 

Dances of Universal Peace - Bernie Heideman

Electro-Magnetic Radiation Warfare and the Peaceful Solutions - Haji

Indigenous Phenology - Michael Alcazar

Neurosculpting Intro Class and Meditation - Teresita Hinojosa

Yoga Sound healing with Handpan / Didgeridoo - 'Mayan Mike' Rodriguez

Creativity Yoga Flow - Suzy Adra

Cacao Ceremony - YA$HAKA$HA

Journey Beyond Psychedelics- Sobriety As A Sacred Practice - Connor Ryan and Erin

The Wonderdome - Various workshops Led by Wonder Bob

Kids Get Funky Dance Class - Sarahndipity Johnsen

Yoga of Social Change - Iris Barber

Sonic apothecary plant healing - Peter May

Shamanic healing tools - Lionfire

The spiral moon calendar class - Chaitanya Massera

Generosity Circle - Ethereal Shift

Painting and Nature Craft - Franki Zinke  

Primal fusion flow - Carrie Luna Collins

Trance Utilization Workshop - Samuel Burke-Favero

Medicinal Mirrors - Reflection Alchemy - Beijaflor Essene

Balloon Animals -  Che Che the Clown 

Wire Wrapping - "Mayan Mike" Rodriguez

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