September 13 - 15th 2019 we will be offering workshops at several different spots inside our village. These workshops are unique and start from sunrise to sunset. Workshop topics include ancient traditional wisdom teachings, ecological awareness and action plans, deep introspective cosmic journeying, yoga of many different forms, sound healing, energy healing activation and much, much more. Tribal Vision has hosted teachers like Paul Stamets “mycelium running”, Lisa Wimberger “Nero-sculpting institute”, Kaypacha “Pele Report” (Astrology), Kenneth Johnson (author of Jaguar Wisdom) and Brigitte Mars (Herbalist). See our list of past workshops below for a glimpse at our eclectic wonderland of knowledge and healing.


How would you like to contribute?

If you would like to facilitate workshops, please apply here. We are a grassroots festival run by individuals who give their time, passion, skills, training, and talents to our collective vision. With this foundation, we offer a fertile environment to activate and facilitate change in our local and global communities for the greater good of all. We understand different workshops take different amounts of supplies, time, consideration, and effort so please feel free to let us know of your needs to make your contribution efforts to our festival successful and fulfilling. We do offer benefits as a thank you for your efforts.

The cut-off date for applying is August 15th, 2019

Workshops 2019 Lineup


Darshan Dance Tribe

Temple Tribal Fusion Workshop

Darshan Dance Tribe presents a Temple Tribal Fusion workshop. Darshan Dance Tribe is a Temple Tribal Fusion Belly Dance company where the dancers themselves becomes the Prasad or ceremonial offering to the divine. They incorporate divine imagery and shamanic trance dance into the journey of their prayer-formances. In this workshop we will explore ancient temple dance and tribal fusion vocabulary, modalities, and  expressions.

Wonder Bob.jpeg

Wonder Bob

The Evolution of Dimensional Reality Presentation

Consciousness Workshop

About Bob:

Bob once had it all, the American Dream, only to tragically losing it all, including 6 family members passing on within a short two year period.

Through many years of extensive training, practice and personal development, Bob has been able to access a deeper space of consciousness and to integrate it into his being. As he considered where this awareness was coming from, and thought about what was it that he was actually accessing, the space between everything revealed itself. Slipstream Intelligence emerged. Tools and techniques came through to facilitate a powerful and rapid unfoldment of awareness.

Our souls have created amazing gifts, talents, and abilities over eons of time. Bob will be sharing his knowledge in his Wonder Dome through his presentation: The Evolution of Dimensional Reality.  While at Tribal Vision Bob will perform on stage sharing his Conscious Music to Expand the Soul; a magical musical performance.


Jemini Wild

The Hero & Heart Coherence: Life Design for the Modern Dreamer"

Through Writing Ritual, Symbolic Sight & the activation of archetypal energies - students invoke their inner Hero, explore their creative power through the lens of the Magician, & tune to their wisdom through the energy of the Student-Sage. Lastly, the Warrior archetype inspires personal devotion & discipline to carry their vision to fruition. Students come away feeling inspired, powerful, with a renewed sense of themselves and how they want to show up in the world. Side effects include clarity of vision & reaching for a higher ambition. This 3 hour experience gives practical application for mystical connection. It connects the otherworldly with the everyday experiences of their lives. Every person will receive unique guidance and collectively, they witness & uplift each other. Included is a professional quality workbook, beautifully designed & rich with content students can revisit. This also serves as their own Magical Text, as what they channel in this sacred space will indeed be holy.

About Jemini:

Jemini is a Visionist, Dreamer, Writer, Spirit Weaver, Modern Mystic, Wisdom Teacher and Artist of Her Own Life. She has a BA in Religious Studies & is a Certified Life Coach. She’s traveled around the world, SOLO. Twice. She’s obsessed with personal & spiritual development & has spent years studying positive psychology, the nervous system, neuroscience, symbolic sight, ritual, ceremony, what makes us human (or not), and the ins & outs of her own wise heart. Working with her propels you forward, giving you the tools to fish so you can go on to feed your own wise soul without her.


Maia (Tree Skeleton)

“The Holy Death; Embracing Radical Personal Truth to Invoke Mother Death & Catalyze Spiritual Rebirth”

This workshop focuses on consciously invoking radical self-truth and the spirit of death as a way to catapult our spiritual paths. Many times in order to instigate rebirth during our spiritual lives something must die. A thought, a responsibility, a belief, etc. When we ask for the path to be cleared and our distractions to be discarded we must be ready for the truth and to practice grace and trust as we are supported through our transition by Spirit, Universe, or whomever or whatever we believe protects and guides us. Maia will discuss cultural and religious helping spirits that can be invoked such as Santa Muerte. The path of a death walker is not easy but full of love and compassion for ourselves and others. We will dive into meditation and intuitive exercises to examine what is in our highest good to let go of and what we are ready or not ready to let go of. We will also explore for ourselves as individuals who or what represents holy death for us personally and how we can create space in our practice, altars, and lives for this part of the cycle of life to bring us greater self-awareness and wisdom. 

About Maia:

Practicing her spiritual path mostly through Shamanism, Maia (Cristina Vazquez) also incorporates many different faiths and wisdom traditions into her practice including but not limited to different paths of Paganism, Buddhism, Curanderismo, and more. She is a devotee of Grandmother Moon, Mother Mary, and Santa Muerte. She believes that Mother Earth is very much alive and we should protect her and listen to her. She adheres to the belief that all things in the Universe are connected and because of this, everything we do affects everything and everyone else. This then heightens the importance of intention and action in everything we do both this lifetime, and the next. She is open to learning from all traditions and cultures that come with a message of love and compassion for all.

She hosts and coordinates moon circles, spiritually based festivals, and healing workshops. She is the current Healing Workshops and Performances Coordinator for the Healing Arts Festival in Sacramento, CA as well as the Workshop Coordinator for Tribal Vision Festival in Taos, NM.


Sedona Lynn Allen & Jovanny Moreno-Castelan

The Council of All Beings

The Council of All Beings is an immersive experience, based off of Joanna Macy's The Work that Reconnects. We will discuss social justice and health equity with an ecological lens, and cultivate shared understanding of these concepts. Starting with a guided Shamanic journey meditation, participants will connect with any being (it could
be an animal, an insect, a tree, the ocean, ANY being that they
channel). Afterwards, we will begin a Mask making Ceremony, where everyone will create a mask to embody the being that they connected with. During this ceremony is a deep dive into the interconnectedness of all beings. We will also dedicate time to craft a short speech to bring forth to the council. After this section, we will convene the Council of All Beings. Everyone will have a chance to speak on behalf of their being, embodying their spirit and giving a voice to those who
are voiceless. We will honor the presence of everyone in the room and all of the beings channeled while bearing witness to the collective ecological pain we are all encountering. We will address the oppression these different beings have to endure, as well as their power and beauty they hold. This workshop unleashes a deep empathy for all beings, as well as cultivates our creativity and inspires us to think differently. It will also activate everyone to identify ways to become a Warrior of Peace and uplift social justice and health equity
within their own lives and communities.


Jovanny Moreno-Castelan utilizes Art As Activism to make an impact in communities. He started off as a graffiti artist who experienced the realities of gang violence.Jovanny was then able to find meaningful ways to elevate his artwork to empower youth and community members to tap into their creativity, solidarity, and motivation to address
social issues. SI SE PUEDE!

Sedona is a Warrior of Peace who is majoring in Peace Studies and Yoga with a minor in Environmental Science at Naropa University. She is passionate about utilizing mindfulness and health equity within her advocacy work, and addressing social issues with a lens of intersectionality. She utilizes decolonizing methodologies to invoke healing.

Together, Sedona & Jovanny uplift each other to connect with and empower others to gain knowledge and get involved. They have presented at multiple conferences together including the National Summit on Youth Activism, the Shared Risk & Protective Factor Conference, SONIC BLOOM, Public Health in the Rockies, APHA National Conference, Youth
Advocacy & Action Summit, and many more.

More 2019 Workshops TBA Soon

Past Workshops

2018 Workshops

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Natural Remedies for Overcoming Addiction - Brigitte Mars

MogaDao 5 Element Medicine - Nikesha Breeze

Sonic Apothecary Sound Healing - Peter May

Spiral Moon Calendar - Chaitanya

Power Dreaming Yoga - Rama Deva

Diksha Energetic Blessing - Diksha Energetic Blessing

Sacred Psychoactives - Brigitte Mars

Nick Perchess - High Country Homesteading: Crops and Canning

Evening Yoga - Suzy Adra

Indigenous Phrenology - Michael Alcazar

Faerytale and Archetypes - Xerephine

Womens Tent - Jiiniikiwa

How to Not Take on Other People’s Energy Clearing Entities and Implants - Wonder Bob

Sacred Song Circle - Bernie Heideman

Pineal Gland Activation - Wonder Bob

Favero & Aygul Ahmetova Trance Induction & Utilization - Samuel Burke

Tribal Economy: Moving Away from Corporate - Brian Hewlett Dr LIFE

Nordvig Capitalism Nordic Spirituality and Runes - Mathias Valentin

Intro to the Ancient Wisdom: Legacy of the Soul - Omani Nagi

The Sacred Masculine and How To Operate in Integrity BROTHERS ONLY - Wonder Bob

Yoga Reiki Fusion - Mayan Mike & Emily Rainflower

Yoga Kriya with Sound Healing - Mayan Mike

Nordic Solstice Ritual (Blót) - Mathias Valentin Nordvig

Ancient History of the World & Solar System - Wonder Bob

Nick Perchess - High Country Homesteading: Crops and Canning

Ancient History of the World - Wonder Bob 

Overcoming Polarized Reality - Wonder Bob

Merkaba Activations - Wonder Bob

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2017 Workshops

Edible landscaping and forest gardening in the high desert steppes - Aaron Jerad

Eco-social design from the micro to the macro:  creating a perennial economy - Michael Alcazar

Laughter Yoga - Bernie Heiderman

How to Feed the World - Rachel Morrison

Buddhist Mindfullness -  Renee and Jiiniikee 

Dances of Universal Peace - Bernie Heideman

Electro-Magnetic Radiation Warfare and the Peaceful Solutions - Haji

Indigenous Phenology - Michael Alcazar

Neurosculpting Intro Class and Meditation - Teresita Hinojosa

Yoga Sound healing with Handpan / Didgeridoo - 'Mayan Mike' Rodriguez

Creativity Yoga Flow - Suzy Adra

Cacao Ceremony - YA$HAKA$HA

Journey Beyond Psychedelics- Sobriety As A Sacred Practice - Connor Ryan and Erin

The Wonderdome - Various workshops Led by Wonder Bob

Kids Get Funky Dance Class - Sarahndipity Johnsen

Yoga of Social Change - Iris Barber

Sonic apothecary plant healing - Peter May

Shamanic healing tools - Lionfire

The spiral moon calendar class - Chaitanya Massera

Generosity Circle - Ethereal Shift

Painting and Nature Craft - Franki Zinke  

Primal fusion flow - Carrie Luna Collins

Trance Utilization Workshop - Samuel Burke-Favero

Medicinal Mirrors - Reflection Alchemy - Beijaflor Essene

Balloon Animals -  Che Che the Clown 

Wire Wrapping - "Mayan Mike" Rodriguez

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