During all three days of our festival we offer workshops at several different spots inside our village for no additional cost after entry. These workshops are unique and start from sunrise to sunset. All our volunteers who host these workshops aspire to awaken and transport our community to new heights of spiritual and social transcendence. Workshop topics include and are not limited to energy healing activation, ancient traditional wisdom teachings, ecological awareness and action plans, deep introspective cosmic journeying, yoga of many different forms, sound healing, and much, much more. See our list of past workshops below for a glimpse at our eclectic wonderland of knowledge and healing.


How would you like to contribute?

If you would like to facilitate workshops, please apply here. We understand different workshops take different amounts of supplies, time, consideration, and effort so please feel free to let us know of your needs to make your contribution efforts to our festival successful and fulfilling.

The cut-off date for applying is August 15th, 2019

Past Workshops

2018 Workshops

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Angelic Wholeness Blessing - Wonder Bob

Spiral Moon Calendar - Chaitanya

Power Dreaming Yoga - Rama Deva

Diksha Energetic Blessing - Diksha Energetic Blessing

Sacred Psychoactives - Brigitte Mars

Evening Yoga - Suzy Adra

How to Not Take on Other Peoples Energy Clearing Entities and Implants - Wonder Bob

Sacred Song Circle - Bernie Heideman

Pineal Gland Activation - Wonder Bob

Favero & Aygul Ahmetova Trance Induction & Utilization - Samuel Burke

Tribal Economy: Moving Away from Corporate - Brian Hewlett Dr LIFE

Nordvig Capitalism Nordic Spirituality and Runes - Mathias Valentin

Intro to the Ancient Wisdom: Legacy of the Soul - Omani Nagi

The Sacred Masculine and How To Operate in Integrity BROTHERS ONLY - Wonder Bob

Natural Remedies for Overcoming Addiction - Brigitte Mars

Yoga Reiki Fusion - Mayan Mike & Emily Rainflower

Yoga Kriya with Sound Healing - Mayan Mike

Nordic Solstice Ritual (Blót) - Mathias Valentin Nordvig

Ancient History of the World & Solar System - Wonder Bob

Nick Perchess - High Country Homesteading: Crops and Canning

Ancient History of the World - Wonder Bob 

Womens Tent - Jiiniikiwa

Overcoming Polarized Reality - Wonder Bob

Indigenous Phrenology - Michael Alcazar

Writing Our Own Faierie Tales - Xerephine

Merkaba Activations - Wonder Bob

MogaDao 5 Element Medicine - Nikesha Breeze

Sonic Apothecary Sound Healing - Peter May

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2017 Workshops

Laughter Yoga - Bernie Heideman

Dances of Universal Peace - Bernie Heideman

Neurosculpting Intro Class and Meditation - Teresita Hinojosa

Yoga Sound healing with Handpan / Didgeridoo - 'Mayan Mike' Rodriguez

Creativity Yoga Flow - Suzy Adra

Cacao Ceremony - YA$HAKA$HA

Journey Beyond Psychedelics- Sobriety As A Sacred Practice - Connor Ryan and Erin

Worldchangers Workshop "Hacking This Matrix: An Introduction" - Ya$hAka$Ha

Reiki Level 1 - Emily Rainflower

The Wonderdome - Various workshops Led by Wonder Bob

Kids Get Funky Dance Class - Sarahndipity Johnsen

How to Feed the World - Rachel Morrison

Edible landscaping and forest gardening in the high desert steppes - Aaron Jerad

Indigenous Phenology - Michael Alcazar

Eco-social design from the micro to the macro:  creating a perennial economy - Michael Alcazar

Living Inter- Dimensionally - Erin Dougherty

Sound Body Sanctuary - Erin Dougherty

Yoga of Social Change - Iris Barber

Sonic apothecary plant healing - Peter May

Shamanic healing tools - Lionfire

The spiral moon calendar class - Chaitanya Massera

Generosity Circle - Ethereal Shift

Painting and Nature Craft - Franki Zinke  

Primal fusion flow - Carrie Luna Collins

Trance Utilization Workshop - Samuel Burke-Favero

Medicinal Mirrors - Reflection Alchemy - Beijaflor Essene

Electro-Magnetic Radiation Warfare and the Peaceful Solutions - Haji

Buddhist Mindfullness -  Renee and Jiiniikee 

Balloon Animals -  Che Che the Clown 

Wire Wrapping - "Mayan Mike" Rodriguez

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For General Questions About Our Workshops Please Contact: