If your interested in teaching at Tribal Vision 2019 please email

Workshop Booking :: WorkshopsTVF@gmail.com

-send us full description of classes you teach. We ask all teachers do teach at least two classes.

-send a couple of your favorite profile picks or workshop pictures.

- preferred day of classes

Past Workshops


Angelic Wholeness Blessing - Wonder Bob

Spiral Moon Calendar - Chaitanya

Power Dreaming Yoga - Rama Deva

Diksha Energetic Blessing - Diksha Energetic Blessing

Sacred Psychoactives - Brigitte Mars

Evening Yoga - Suzy Adra

How to Not Take on Other Peoples Energy Clearing Entities and Implants - Wonder Bob

Sacred Song Circle - Bernie Heideman

Pineal Gland Activation - Wonder Bob

Favero & Aygul Ahmetova Trance Induction & Utilization - Samuel Burke

Tribal Economy: Moving Away from Corporate - Brian Hewlett Dr LIFE

Nordvig Capitalism Nordic Spirituality and Runes - Mathias Valentin

Intro to the Ancient Wisdom: Legacy of the Soul - Omani Nagi

The Sacred Masculine and How To Operate in Integrity BROTHERS ONLY - Wonder Bob

Natural Remedies for Overcoming Addiction - Brigitte Mars

Yoga Reiki Fusion - Mayan Mike & Emily Rainflower

Yoga Kriya with Sound Healing - Mayan Mike

Nordic Solstice Ritual (Blót) - Mathias Valentin Nordvig

Ancient History of the World & Solar System - Wonder Bob

Nick Perchess - High Country Homesteading: Crops and Canning

Ancient History of the World - Wonder Bob 

Womens Tent - Jiiniikiwa

Overcoming Polarized Reality - Wonder Bob

Indigenous Phrenology - Michael Alcazar

Writing Our Own Faierie Tales - Xerephine

Merkaba Activations - Wonder Bob

MogaDao 5 Element Medicine - Nikesha Breeze

Sonic Apothecary Sound Healing - Peter May


Laughter Yoga - Bernie Heideman

Dances of Universal Peace - Bernie Heideman

Neurosculpting Intro Class and Meditation - Teresita Hinojosa

Yoga Sound healing with Handpan / Didgeridoo - 'Mayan Mike' Rodriguez

Creativity Yoga Flow - Suzy Adra

Cacao Ceremony - YA$HAKA$HA

Journey Beyond Psychedelics- Sobriety As A Sacred Practice - Connor Ryan and Erin

Worldchangers Workshop "Hacking This Matrix: An Introduction" - Ya$hAka$Ha

Reiki Level 1 - Emily Rainflower

The Wonderdome - Various workshops Led by Wonder Bob

Kids Get Funky Dance Class - Sarahndipity Johnsen

How to Feed the World - Rachel Morrison

Edible landscaping and forest gardening in the high desert steppes - Aaron Jerad

Indigenous Phenology - Michael Alcazar

Eco-social design from the micro to the macro:  creating a perennial economy - Michael Alcazar

Living Inter- Dimensionally - Erin Dougherty

Sound Body Sanctuary - Erin Dougherty

Yoga of Social Change - Iris Barber

Sonic apothecary plant healing - Peter May

Shamanic healing tools - Lionfire

The spiral moon calendar class - Chaitanya Massera

Generosity Circle - Ethereal Shift

Painting and Nature Craft - Franki Zinke  

Primal fusion flow - Carrie Luna Collins

Trance Utilization Workshop - Samuel Burke-Favero

Medicinal Mirrors - Reflection Alchemy - Beijaflor Essene

Electro-Magnetic Radiation Warfare and the Peaceful Solutions - Haji

Buddhist Mindfullness -  Renee and Jiiniikee 

Balloon Animals -  Che Che the Clown 

Wire Wrapping - "Mayan Mike" Rodriguez